Several missing ferry routes in Norway
  • The maps are useless without all the ferry routes in western Norway. This needs fixing asap.
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  • Hi Gazer75,
    we do not make or fix maps - free maps are created by volunteers at Please join them and help to make maps better using your local knowledge.
    Another option is to buy TomTom maps.
  • Erm...I would not have pointed this out if the ferry routes are missing in OSM. I am an OSM mapper and know that they are in OSM.

    Bruravik - Brimnes missing

    Kvanndal - Utne missing

    Tørvikbygd - Jondal missing

    Lavik - Oppedal missing

    Rysjedalsvika - Rutledal missing

    Vangsnes - Hella missing

    Fodnes - Mannheller missing

    Haljem - Sandvikvåg

    I could go on if you like ;)

    Estimate 2/3 all car ferries are missing in the Navigator map for Norway. Which obviously makes it impossible for the app to plan routes properly.
  • so sorry, I misunderstood - I will discuss this with my colleauges
  • Hi Gazer75,
    thank you for your comment - I expected that with processing of ferry relations 6(?) months ago we will improve data and not make it worse, but obviously I was naive :(. I checked only the first example (Bruravik - Brimnes), which is way 25894811  containing route=ferry, but it is also part of relation type=route. Because of duplicity problems on long ferries the ways are removed (and used are only relations) ... but here the route relation describes not long ferry route, but ref=7 and ref=13.
    thank you
  • It should be fixed now (you should at least see the ferries in the map again), but it is still not good enough :(. I tried to enter ferry in Bruravik, but there are four small service roads (after toll_booth), and navigator refuses to use them unless you allow small local road. If I use route ref=7 or ref=13 as "transit route" I will be able to go on the loop, but there is no_right_turn restriction ...
    p.s. by midnight CET there should be better norway_osm map computed from April planet.osm (the May planet.osm is in "pre-processing" phase)

  • I guess more detail is not always good eh? :) I made those service lanes at the Bruravik terminal. Basically waiting lanes to go on the ferry. For this ferry crossing its not a big deal. Its scheduled to end on August 17th, same day as the new Hardanger bridge is opening. But there might be other terminals where people have done similar things.

    Looks like ferries are back in latest map. Didn't check all, but haven't found any missing now ;)
  • Hi Gazer75,
    can you please confirm that following ferries are not properly mapped? (it is a little bit OT, because it is not in Norway, but maybe similar problem between UK and France).
    From I expected that different ferries should have different ways? (Do not combine two different parts of the route when approaching land.)
    thank you for any hint
  • Bit late reply here. I have no idea why that ferry route has been done like that. I guess there is more than one operator, and they dock at different spots depending on what is available in Dover.
    I guess to much detail makes it harder to make good navigation software :)
  • Hi Gazer75,
    I am trying to improve ferry connectivity by increasing road categories of service roads near ferry port and adding transit flag for "long distance" routing ... are there any recommendations which ferries are important and which are just small local?
    thanks for any hints

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