Clear set route quickly and 3D only in routing?
  • Hi, 

    Apologies if I've missed this, but I couldn't see an answer in the Nav 11 manual, or here in the forum;

    In Navigator Free, how does one clear a set route once it's routing? 

    I had set a route up, and was following it, but then needed to make a detour, and couldn't find a quick way to "turn off" the existing route that was set. I'm looking for a simple way to "clear" the current route and return to the map screen with no route set.

    With this in mind, am I right in also thinking that you can only use the 3D map when a route is activated? If I have the program running in the car whilst driving, the display shows the 2D map, but when I select the 3D option, the program tries to calculate a route, and then because no destination is set, it "jumps" back to the 2D view again.

    Thanks for any input.

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  • Go to the main screen. Tap the Stop Icon (Text there should be: Stop navigation, in German it is "Navigation beenden").
  • Hi, 

    Thanks for the post. I don't believe there's a "stop" icon on the main screen? I don't remember seeing something obvious like this, and when I look at the Navigator 11 manual, page 47, there's only the following options on the main menu;


    My Routes
    Night Mode
    Favourites Editor
    Go to Coordinate


    Vehicle tracking

    Did you mean a different menu when you say "main screen"?  I've tried searching the entire Navigator 11 pdf file, and there's no mention of a stop icon either.

    Thanks again
  • Hi again Oldie, 

    Did you mean the main screen as in where you would see the map, "plus" and "minus" buttons, next turn indicator and street etc.? Again, I can't seem to see any kind of "stop" icon on this main view / screen either.
  • Just found this;

    There is navigate on/off button but not in the default set. Please go in settings/application/Organize main menu and check Navigate 


    I'll check for this. Thanks all.
  • I'm sorry, my post was for the Android version.
  • Hi again,

    No problem. It's my fault for not mentioning I was using WinCE. Thanks again for trying to help, it's much appreciated.

    Kein Problem. Es ist meine Schuld, nicht zu erwähnen, ich war mit WinCE. Nochmals vielen Dank für den Versuch zu helfen, ist es sehr zu schätzen.


  • For anyone following / reading this thread I looked at this last night on my WIndows Mobile 6.1 device, and couldn't see any sort of "Stop Routing" or "Stop" icon offered under "settings/application/Organize main menu"...

    However, when I did some more experimenting, I found that in the main menu the "Route" icon changes to "Stop Routing" when you have a route currently in-place or "running". How I missed that, I'll never know!  I'd honesty say it "wasn't like that before, Guv!", if I didn't think it was impossible! ;-)

    It also appears once you have no route set, you can view the 3D map too. 

    I feel such a fool... I'm off now to find the "Any" key on my keyboard.... ;-)

    Thanks again.


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