Stop route navigation in Navigator 11
  • Hello,

    Since "Stop Navigation" icon seems to have been removed from Navigator 11, how is it possible to stop navigate a route in order to get the initial status where just the vehicle position is displayed?

    Maybe I am just not seeing something obvious??

    If points are removed, and "optimize" is pressed, the route disapears no availabe route text is displayed but no new route calculation is possible...

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  • Maybe the navigate/stop navigation-button is outside your visible screen. If display can#t show all buttons, there is a second screen. You get it wiping over display from right to left.

    HTH Michael
  • But, is there a navigate/stop navigation-button en Navigator 11?? I can't see it neither in the second screen...

    Even in the manual this icon doen't appear. There is a "Route" one, a "My Routes"... please see image in pag.47 from manual (

    Thanks for your fast reply.

  • There is navigate on/off button but not in the default set. Please go in settings/application/Organize main menu and check Navigate

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