TMC support
  • Can someone help me how I Can let the TMC function work in version 11?
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  • Hello,
    do you have device providing TMC information (like GPS with TMC)? Note, that TMC locations in OpenStreetMap source are available only in Germany, so free version will work only there.
    p.s. configuration is similar to version 10, i.e. Menu\Settings\TMC\TMC Device OR is you have combined GPS than it is better via Menu\Settings\GPS\GPS device\...
  • Hello Martin, Just for info I also noticed that in France the TMC info was not working with the Teleatlas Maps.

  • Thank you for your respons. I am wondering when the TMC locations in OSM-source will be availlable for the rest of western Europe.
  • One more note: you also need radio station with _free_ TMC (not encrypted/commercial). That is not a problem in Czech Republic, but would be in France. In many countries you can get both free as well as commercial TMC.
  • Good day, supports navigator free TMC GNS 3.0?
  • GNS is supported, I am not sure about version 3, but they should be compatible

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