general bug and voice problem in navigation (free)
  • Hello,

    I've got a big enormously and annoying problem with the free navigation:

    Whenever I drive a route must be calculated and, on the line every entrance or forest road (!) is in yellow!! Why?

    But the worse problem:
    Each turn left or right, which is somewhere on the route, but does not deviate will be spoken by the voice guidance! It's nerve-killing something!

    Why does the Android app is not the problem?

    Example: I get all of 200 meters will say "Go straight", although I have all the time just need to go out and turn until one kilometer according to the route ....

    Can anyone explain this weird problem and fix as soon as possible?

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  • did you set deatil navigation on in settings?
    where are these forest roads in yellow?
  • No, I didn't set the feature "detail navigation"!
    Here's a screenshot of the (one) problem:



  • I see what you mean, we will investigate
  • Hello,
    it is difficult to properly assign "road" (
    "Road with an unknown classification. This tag should be used temporarily until the road has been properly surveyed. Once it is surveyed the highway tag should be changed to record the appropriate classification.
    It implies FIXME"
    So if you know how they should be assigned please do it directly in OpenStreetMap.

    We could set it to some very low category like "Local Road" or "Small Local Road", but ... Navigator will refuse to use such a roads if they are on some longer tracks. The problem was long time ago (2-3years) in azerbaijan_osm (and maybe some other countries), where most roads had assigned highway=road.

    thank you for your report

  • but the same problem isn't in google maps available!!!
    Why? You need fix the general problem, please!!!
    Google Maps doesn't make this problem also....
  • Google does not use Openstreetmaps
    if you buy TomTom maps (which are in Google) you will not have this problem
    mdx is correct, these links have no correct category, the only way to fix it is to change road category for these links in Openstreetmaps - you can create account at and correct it, you are best suited as you have local knowledge

    I have changed category on the one in your picture to Track, though I cannot say if this category is correct, I have no local knowledge, so I am just guessing
    when you download next map update it should not give you voice prompt on this junction
  • highway=road probably should be set to "Local Road" or "Small Local Road" and everything that is marked like that in the OpenStreetMap database fixed to have a more correct tagging.

    The highway=road tag was originally created for tracing from bad areal imagery, where you could barely identify that there was a road at all, but had no additional information. It was more as a hint to correctly survey the area than as actual information about the road. Given the not ideal naming of "highway=road", it is possible that other countries used the tag more extensively.

    However, a number of other OSM based routers, like OSRM ignore highway=road completely and don't route over them at all. So setting it as small local road, seems like a reasonable compromise until the OSM data is fixed in those areas. 
  • @apmon - OK, thanks for comments - I changed that now to "small local roads" and it should be visible in March 2013 data (processed now). I will post here side-effects, as soon as they will arise. Thanks Martin
  • Hello,
    first I want to say "Thank you" for all your help!
    One problem is or would, however, also includes in the next version: The navigation message that speaks to often during the route!
    For example, if a route after 2 kilometers, the next turn is to the left, the voice says just 1 km before that I should turn in two miles!
    And this notice concerning maneuvering in only two kilometers I get repeated twice on this track ....
    This is extremely annoying, even if it is perhaps well intentioned!
    Can you fix the problem faster than the cards?
    I would like more to setting options in the app.

    Please help to fix my second problem!
  • I do not understand your comment - it says miles only is units are set to imperial
    please check your settings
  • No!!!
    The voice says to often that I shall turn left in two kilometres at the route!!
  • can you give me departure, destination and where it happens?
  • Yes, for example:
    From Viehhofen (zip code: 91235, germany) to Schmidtstadt (zip: 92259).
    The voice says 3x that I will belong to my aim in ... km!!!
    Please check the problem with a virtual route!
  • yes, I know, but it is problem with road links not having correct category, it is explained above

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