Excessive route lengths
  • Hi,

    sometimes, the Navigator 10 Free is unable to find a route even if it obviously exists.
    Example: Barcelona in Spain to Bangalore in India.
    Perhaps because of RAM limitations on the device? It is maybe a good idea to change the error message from "No route available" to "Too few memory to calculate a route"?

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  • Hello,
    I have also encountered this a few times the route was not calculated on several occasions due to my current location not being on or near a drivable road and a not accurate destination. I am running MF on a Netbook.

  • Routing: Barcelona in Spain to Bangalore in India.
    ... for a long distance routing a transit network is used. Are you sure it is mapped and connected? You can find route from Barcelona to Tehran/Iran but it will fail to route to Kabul/Afghanistan.
  • Hi Martin, Chris,

    I don't know about a transit network, how can I check/ install that?

    And yes, I start and end on a drivable road. Sometimes, when I set an intermediate goal in Germany, my device finds a route. I have an HTC HD2 smartphone which has some limitations compared to a netbook.


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