Circuitous route
  • Navigator Free 12.1.0, Polska 2013-02-28, default settings:


    While shortest and fastest route should look like this:


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  • If you enable "Small local roads" you will probably get the same result ...
  • Ah, thanks. I didn't notice that. But don't you think that's quite odd that default settings disallow "highway=residental" roads while "highway=service" are allowed?

    Example, where it routes via petrol station instead of normal street:


  • I thought once again about the problem and I don't know why enabling "Small local roads" is essential in this case. Both routing engines (Navigator Free's and OSRM) have to use small local roads, because route finishes on the small local road. So, when route ends on a small local road then small local roads have to be used to reach the destination. And they are used, regardless of whether "Small local roads" are enabled or not. But in Navigator Free with additional, incomprehensible lap around the town.

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