Navigator 12.01 PC crashes
  • It's much better for other users overview, to start this here.

    PC Navigator 12 works on my CarPC, OS is WinXP SP3. XPort 1.52 and ShowGPS2.95Beta.
    The navigator 12 makes the whole Computer hang after some minutes, if I've got luck after some Hours, of work.
    Now, when I have installed 12.01, the Programm closes itself after some Minutes without routing.
    It doesn't matter, if it shows the map only, or if I opened Menu or search for waypoints or anything.
    Navigator closes ...
    I also can't define the ComPorts in Navigator direct.
    When it searches for Ports, It do not react and can be closed only by taskmanager.
    GPS Port can't be defined manual by navigator it self, I have to set the Port with ShowGPS "integration" (Mapfactor Navigator without Splitter)

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  • I would try to edit settings.xml and set it manually, something like
    something like
  • I tried again:
    Anyhow, with XPort2 Splitter or direct connected to the GPS Port, as soon as Navigator connects to GPS, with or without ShowGPS running, the Programm crashes.

  • Now, I don't know why, Navigator searches and finds the Comports. I've modified the Comport for GPS to 57600 baud.
    Normaly, my Navigon (GNS) Triceiver works with 38400baud.
  • Navigator still crashes, as soon as GPSSignal is received or as soon as I activate GPS.
    Only the Ports can be set manualy at this time nothing more.
    I can't search for destinations or anything.
    Menu switches to blank and Program closes.
  • now, when I was too angry about crashing navigator, I uninstalled the software, kept all downloaded data.
    After that, Navigator link was still on the desktop.
    I tried to run and it ran, without crash.
    I'll give a try later, may be it was a mismatch while Updating
  • I've uninstalled the whole Navigator Programm and reinstalled again.
    It do not crash when connecting GPS, but at Zoom in
  • Problem is solved.
    New, clean installation of WinXP and it runs!

    Thank You for your work at this Programm!

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