worked yesterday ??
  • I had Navigator 12 installed (2 days ago) on Carputer with XP working fine but had had to reformat and reinstall. I have only installed a map of Canada with English language. When it starts I get:
        You have installed a newer version of the map data, not supported by the application.: Canada. Please install the new version of the application.
    So, I tried an install on my laptop with Windows 7 and same thing.

    But if I add in New York that works, but doesn't do me much good.

    Do I have to wait for an upgrade or ????
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  • Canada and Denmark have been processed 'new way', you will need version 12.1.x
    you should be able install it using Setu Utilities
  • Hello aikidoky2,
    this is my fault - I did not realize that PC navigator was not updated :( ... new versions are on "early maps" update now. You can fix it if you follow these steps:
    1) download new Setup Utility (links were changed to 12.0.5 - or higher in the future)
    2) go into settings and check "Early maps access"
    3) after restart you should see PC/Pocket version 12.1.x on update
    Sorry for the trouble and please let me know if this worked for you
  • Same problem here with the Canada maps. Using Navigator Free on the PC and Pocket PC for Canada (paid version for the USA), and the Canada maps do not work. Upgraded the installer (now showing 12.0.5), but it will not update the applications to 12.1.x. Have checked "Early maps access"....


  • I will try to sort this out ASAP - for PND you can use version 0.14.x with experimental search as workaround.
    thanks for report
    p.s. note, that since yesterday there is Denmark OSM with irregular
    house number available on early maps download ... so I expect similar
    problems as with new version of Canada

  • Got it to work with new version. Thanks
  • It also works ok in Denmark with program version 0.14.15 (android) and 12.1.1 (Pc) and map Denmark 201302190.

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