What is the difference between the free Navigator and Navigator (Paid)
  • What is the advantage of buying Navigator software.

    Thanks in advance
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  • there are better routing attributes in paid maps and as a result more consistent and reliable routing
  • thanks, Is it mayby so that in the paid verson you can import gpx files direct?
  • no, program is the same
  • In the free version of OSM maps, navigation stops at the beginning of the tunnel.
    Tunnels are available in the paid version? I refer to the question of MFN with TomTom maps for Android.
    Please help! Thank you.
  • if a link is marked as tunnel in map data, then Navigator continues in navigation even if it cannot get GPS data
    may be attribute Tunnel is not available in OSM?
  • If in OSM is set tag "tunnel"="yes" then it should be automatically converted to Navigator.
  • Ok. Then I assume that in the paid version all tunnels are marked. The navigation consequently does not stop. Thank you.
  • In payd maps there are hiking trails?
  • there no hiking trails in TomTom maps
  • What do you mean when saying "continues in navigation"?

    Mapfactor Free on Android showed a constant position on the map once the GPS fix was lost due to entering a tunnel. It did continue without problems once out of the tunnel again and the GPS fix was regained, but not in the tunnel.

    The Navigon SatNav I had for comparison at the time went into "tunnel model", clearly showing that one is in a tunnel. It also had a count down to show how far through the tunnel one was. Presumably, it just assumes one continues at a constant speed and extrapolates how long it will take to pass the tunnel. Supposedly that even allows to continue to give routing instructions in the rare case of an intersection in a tunnel. Does mapfactor do something similar?

    The tunnel I tested it in did have the tunnel=yes attribute set in osm. ( http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/4624928 )
  • @apmon - I can only confirm that germany_osm_south data creation=201301010 has the tunnel flag set ... and the GPS should be simulated in tunnel.

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