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  • When selection "keep map centered" it centers left to right but not top to bottom.  current location is very close to the bottom.  When map is set not to rotate it gives very little, almost no view of upcoming travel.  When map is set to rotate it works but location is still very close to the bottom.  When simple viewing the map with no navigation the current location remains perfectly centered.
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  • I think, that was a specific request from users (I supported that). We think, that it makes more sense to see more of the route, that is ahead rather than the route left behind.
  • Oldie is correct.

  • Wanting to see more ahead is what I want.  When map is not set to rotate as in keep north up and current location at the lower part of screen you can not see ahead if travelling south.  Therefore, as it is centered to left and right it should also be centered north to south or sense when travelling south and move the current location to the upper portion of screen.  Currently the setup for best viewing is only good when map is set to rotate.
  • Hi Brian,

    what is is good for to keep map north up while driving (good for you)? For me it would be strange to move "backwards" on my navigation system - I prefer to have the road on the screen in the same direction I am driving.
    And with map rotating to my direction I see most ahead when position on screen is near the bottom. Sometimes it is annoying when the map is permanently rotating to the left and right (maybe when driving through two roundabouts close together - I drive nearly "straight line" with my motorbike, but map is twisting like on a dancefloor), but in general for me it is best to have the map "direction up".

    Regards ...
  • @RogerCarsky: " For me it would be strange to move "backwards"" I want know my driving direction. This help me to keep the orientation. Not only the navi know where i am, also i know where i am. Therefore i use the map with north up. But when only the navi know where you are is the rotating map better.
  • Hi Matthias,
    I want to know where I am, too, and I want to know the direction I'm driving (not exavtly degrees). But I don't use my navigation device for that.
    I'm looking for the road signs (city names) and for the sun (only at night I can't determine where the sun is). On my navigation system I want to see what is ahead (dangereous curve ahead or turn left at approx. 500 meters), and when "ahead" on road and on screen are correspondig, it's much easier for me.
    And all the people I've been talking to about navigation use their navigation system the same. For us the position mark is placed near the bottom, but maybe for you there is a way by changing some xml-parameters to move it to the center (in old MapTrip-Software on a-rival devices I found this and could move position to the bottom line, that there were nothing "behind" me *grin*).

    Regards ...
  • Thanks all for you opinions.  I however am not looking for opinions but rather to find out if there is a way for me to centre the current location.  Other apps the options are "keep map in direction of travel" or "keep map north" and the option to keep centred.  When centred it is both vertical and horizontal centre.  I am using the navigator free the non default version.  So I was hoping that in the config file I could tweak the setting to be truly centre.  I like to know at a glance whether what I am looking at is in front, behind, left, or right of me.
  • I'm also using the direction up (not north up) mode, be it on foot, with the bike or the car. I'm always focussing on things that are in front of me, especially on curves with the bike. I never care about things behind me except bike pilots with a weird glance in their eyes ... and btw., a glimpse to the back mirrors of Your vehicles will also help sometimes when being too curious what's behind .... B-)

    Said so, I strongly recommend to leave the navigation arrow at the bottom of the screen, this is the only way to have a look ahead as far as possible, especially when using Your device in landscape mode.
  • It is not behind me if I am looking at the map south of where I am and I am travelling south.  and rear view mirrors do not help to see how far away the next city or exit is.
  • Sorry for the misunderstanding, I meant driving directions mode, and yes, the card does rotate corresponding to the direction I'm driving. Corrected this in my former post.

    Nevertheless I like the navigation arrow near the bottom of the screen, reasons please see previous post. And I don't care about what's behind me because I already passed it - or use mirrors B-)
  • As map is fully centered when I am in "no route" mode, there is a parameter for this somewhere in the settings - it would be nice to have a selection "centered" or "bottom" using this parameter or at least a hint from the developers where to find and adjust it to personal wishes.
    As I use another app on android devices (will not tell the name here), there is (in "general settings") "position placement" to select bottom, center or automatic.

    Maybe it would be a nice feature in MFN for those who don't like the automatic setting "no route => center" and "on route => bottom" ...

  • There is the same problem with Garmin. I don't know why GPS designers do not think that we use North always on top. This is my favorite mod.
  • every one has there preference as to map always north or not.  That is not the discussion here. The option is there. There is option to rotate map or not and also to centre map. centre map is not still not working.

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