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  • Hi There, I can see the last update for all maps was in July, 2012 from OSM. Will it be updated end of September again or October as there has been alot of changes in maps in some places including Fiji.

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  • updates will restart next week
    the reason for delay was the new OSM licencing, which caused a significant reduction inmaps in some countries
  • Hi, i am newbie at mapfactor.

    Can you tell me how often maps are commonly updated? I am very intereseted because i am adding new routes to maps near to my city in openstreetmaps.

  • Hi Juan_Facundo, Maps are usually updated every month and cut off dates are middle of the month and so your updates will be shown on the updates after the current update coming out soon.
  • Thanks a lot for answering.
  • Hi, are maps update aviable? I am not sure if i am doing all right.
  • i am eager too for the october updates :)

  • if you open download manager, you can see release date of each map on your device, e.g. 201209210 means 21st September 2012.
  • [quote]if you open download manager, you can see release date of each map on your device, e.g. 201209210 means 21st September 2012.[/quote] Where to find in an Android version?
  • menu, map downloads
    if you do not have the latest version (0.10.65), then update first
  • just to be sure, laste argentina map version is 201207170?
  • yes, it will be updated very soon
  • Hi. Is there any way to upgrade maps "manually"? I mean, can i do it by myself? how it could be?
  • you can create account at and edit/corerct maps - your additions will be included in the next update
  • question again.

    i hope its ok.

    should the OSM maps should exactly be the same as the mapfactor 12 showing on my gps?

    cause if im using my mapfactor 12, lets say there is supposed to be a shopping mall in my gps, but it shows an airplane icon

    but on the OSM map, it shows the proper name and icon.

    is there something wrong?

  • Airplane icon is bug in Navigator 12 and it will be fixed in next update
  • @mdx: tnx sir
    oh ok, well i guess that solved one thing.

    but is the OSM supposed to be the same as the MF12?

    like whatever i see on the OSM, should i also be seeing it on my MF12?
    disregard the airplane icon

  • there are more objects in OSM and only some of them (related to navigation) are converted. If there is something in OSM what you consider that should be visible/searchable also in Navigator, let us know
  • Tomas, i am editing maps. But Argentina maps are very out of date.
    That's the reason of my question. I wanted to know if i can take maps
    from openstreetmap and put into my android for mapfactor to use it.
    Thanks anyway.
  • just a comparison:
    Last version Argentina: 201207170
    Last version Brazil: 201209240 (almost 70 days later)
    Laste version Chile: 201209230 (idem)
    till now, argentina maps are 3 months out of date.
  • you cannot take maps from osm, just be patient
    reason for delay is that OSM changed their licencing and a lot of streets were

    that is why we paused updates for a few months, so that OSM
    contributers can fill the gaps
    map updates are being now released
  • Ok, thanks. Sorry for being impatient.
  • Bonjour,
    j'ai utilisé mapfactor pour la première fois lors de mon voyage en Euroe et je peux dire BRAVO ! cela m'a été très utile voire indispensable pour me déplacer en Espagne, France et Italie. J'habite en Algérie, j'ai installé sur mon endroïd Mapfactor avec cartes Algérie... Cela est très maigre pour la cartographie. Avec openstreetmap je contribue activement à la mise à jour. Question comment trnsférer les mises à jour sur Mapfactor ?

  • Pour toute réponse voici mon email :
  • maps are updated monthly, so please be patient, your changes will be there next time
  • thank you again for the latest map update (December 2012)

  • I use Navigator free 12.0.4 on my PC and my PND (Pearl VX-35 easy) - and I am very impressed. Finally a very good free navigation sw and maps based on osm.

    In Germany ( and other countries like France etc) specific highway service areas are not found with Navigator free and your MCA maps. These facilities are only found under the common categories restaurant, fuel, parking etc.

    OSM has specific entries for highway services:

    - highway=services
    - name=xxx

    It would be great to see this specific feature displayed in Navigator free!

  • Hi, I just discovered your software, it's great, thank you.
    I contributed to the ammeliorer map of my region in Algeria and I expect to see changes in the next update.
    thank you for not forgetting the map of Algeria. thank you to the team.
  • Is that any other way to automatically update the maps in Androids.


  • there are no automatic updates at this moment
  • I read there are updates monthly but for my country Guatemala it's already 2 months without any update..... any clue when the next update will take for Guatemala
  • The last update was in Dec 2012 (version 201212190), in Jan 2013 the processing failed and in Feb 2013 is planet.osm not available yet (the OSM dump will be for download probably tomorrow morning). I re-run _Jan 2013_ data on and if everything will go fine, you should see it on Android with "early maps" settings within 1hour.
    p.s. update from Feb 2013 planet will be probably by the end of next week ...

  • thanks from your prompt reply
  • Note, that there were some problems with release of April 2013 planet.osm (see, so currently released OSM maps are from unofficial planet dump from 2013-04-11.
  • I can not dowlooad a map from my android
  • Hi Mario, please email logs (navigator/log folder) to support.
  • Poland 130601 (available now on early maps) is still from May 2013 planet.osm and is using IHN (Irregular House Numbers). The current plan is to convert all countries from June 2013 planet.osm with the same process. If you find any problem, please let me know.
    p.s. you may need to upgrade your PC/PND application to ver 12.1
  • How is with the TomTom map updates?
  • TomTom map updates are released quaterly and cost approx half of the full price
    you can update at any time, no need to do it every quarter

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