String not Found (Windows PC version)
  • In navigation setting (8 th) it's the voice "String not Found"?
    User manual doesn't speak about this function.
    Can You help me?
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  • do you mean route not found?
    if so, your destination may be in restricted area
    then check your vehicle settings

  • 8th item in navigation settings is "Routing points on not closed roads (Snap routing points only on roads that are not closed)" with a checkbox on the right.
    Tuky, which language is set? if you don't see any text there, re-install newest version - maybe that will help.
    If the text is there and voice only complains about a not found string, ignore it.

    Regards ...
  • Hello, 
    my version it's 21.3.8 and I use in Italian Language.
    In setting\navigation\ I have 10 voices:
    1) Modalità routing
    2) Tipo veicolo
    3) Mostra pannello
    4) Autozoom
    5) Vista 3D
    6) Navigazione dettagliata
    7) Snap GPS ON
    8) String not found
    9) Mostra i cartelli
    10) Consenti inversione ad U al punto di passaggio.
    The 8 th voice it's in English.

    The problem it's that the voice 8 th it's not translate in Italian; but it's only without translation o without function? I have used the software in English language and I don't understend the difference if this option is on or off: can You help me?


  • Hi,

    it's not "voices" - it's texts. "menu items" or "text items" or "options" would be better.
    If the option is activated (hook in the checkbox) a routing point will be moved to the next usable road - if it is set on a bicycle lane or a blocked road, for example.
    You will not set a routing point on a bicycle lane - this function is important, when you import a route from a gpx file.
    But this function only works with roads that are marked as "blocked" for motor vehicles in the map data - just tested in Frankfurt am Main, lots of pedestrian ways are not marked as blocked, and i can put routing points there. So you better ignore this function.

    The "string not found" error comes from a missing string in the italian language file or a field name error in the database. I could reproduce it.

    Regards ,,,
  • I tryed to set the english language. Also "string not found" is displayed.

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