Move Favorite to Folder option
  • Hi,
    Currently, you can move a favorite into a folder by pressing and holding the name of the favorite and moving it to the folder.
    This works well if you have few folders, but when you have 5 folders, the favorites go to any folder because it does not stay during the whole move.
    A click on the favorites opens a menu and it would be nice to add "Move to a folder"
    Yesterday I had to edit my Favourites.xml file to manually move a favorite to the correct folder, this is not ideal.
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  • I have the same issues. Moving favorites to folders is one of the many thinks I really like in Navigator. But it is not any longer possible to move a new favorite to a folder. Editing the xml-file sounds like a good work-around to cope with the issue.
    BTW - I do have 12 folders with around 100 favorites.... An option even add subfolders to folders would be a nice-to-have wish.

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