transferring or exporting routes
  • I would like to create a custom route with Navigator, then email a copy to someone with a iphone (has Navigator) and also someone with a Garmin GPS. How would I do this?
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  • So does no one create routes and want to share them with others? Really seems as full featured as this is that it would be possible.
  • Create and save Your route, then simply tap on it and choose share as gpx. This could have been easily found out by exploring MFN by yourself me thinks ...
  • I am using Navigtor Free,(until I can determine this is the app I want to use). I am using it on a Dell Tablet with Win 10 pro.
    After I open a saved route, I see nowhere where I can share. 
    I have spent a fair amount of time just exploring. But hadn't found anything about exporting (sharing) a route.
    Is this possibly only available in the Pro version or in the android version?
  • I couldn't find any intended function to export a route in MFNfree on PC (Win10) and WinCE.
    Only way is to (manually) create a gpx-file from routing_points.xml to be found at users/appdata/roaming/navigator/21.0

    Tried converting to gpx via ITNconverter - converting no problem, conerted file doesn't work with iGo (gpx file ist visible at "recorded tracks" but can't be opened).

    Regards ...
  • Thank you Roger, I thought there may be a way to do something like that but didn't know how. I will play with that some and see what I can figure out.
    Can you easily verify if the pro windows version can do it? I plan to go Pro if I can get a few of these questions worked out.
  • I don't have the pro version - maybe there is a trial option ...
    When downloaded, I will see - but first I have to set up a Windows PC for that, I'm not playing around with such things on my working machines.

    Probably Tomas or some other person from support team can tell about that.

    Regards ...
  • there is no sharing in PC Navigator, you can copy file routing_points.xml
  • Have some time and working on this again.
    Where would I find the
    did a search on my computer and it brought up a few. None seem to be the one for MFN.
    I thought it would be in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Navigator21\PC_Navigator
    but no joy
  • c:\Users\"USER"\AppData\Roaming\Navigator\xx.x\routing_points.xml
  • Here it is under

    In file explorer settings-View you have to allow show hidden folders and files


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