Why isn't Chiemsee blue?
  • I am using the Android version of Navigator Free and I wonder why the Chiemsee (Germany, southeast of Munich) isn't displayed in blue color like other lakes nearby. Any idea?
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  • Either in the Windows-Version isn't Chiemsee blue. But the island in the Chiemsee "Herrenchiemsee" is. :-O

    May be a problem from OSM?


  • Looking directly at www.openstreetmap.org it seems okay.
  • Yes, OSM it self may be correct, when viewing it there. But perhaps is the lake-border broken? So that MapFactor doesn't recognize the full border?

    The river Rhein near Köln (Germany) also isn't correct drawed in the MapFactor-Map West-Germany in the Windows-Version. In OSM it looks fine.

  • I've checked the lake. The lake-boarder isn't broken and it looks all o.k.
    But this lake have a really big outer-polygone with over 1100 nodes. And maybe, mapfactor have a problem with such large polygones?

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