Streets starting with bay* in Munich
  • People are discussing here, that it is difficult to find streets in "München" (Munich). For example no streets available starting with bay. There should be at least Bayreuther Str., Bayerstr., Bayernwaldstr. Nothing of that.
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  • People in are now discussing to search for the location using Google Maps etc. and than use MF only for navigation (not for the search). But that is not what you want!?
  • I looked in OSM and cannot find Bayreuther Str in Munich
    please provide co-ordinates
  • Similar ist "Zwickauer Straße" in Dresden. You only find it in "Dresden LAND", not in "Dresden, Dresden". Zwickauer Straße in Dresden is located fairly within the city not countryside (LAND).
  • Bayreuther Str can be found under Bezirksteil Herzogpark
    extended search is under development
  • Thank You. Extended search will be extremely necessary. Never heard of Bezirksteil Herzogpark before! I wonder if many Munich citizens know all of the more than one hundred "Bezirksteile" of Munich.
  • I dont think this should be placed under "extended seach"
    Searching a street in a city is absolutely standard. Nobody would try to search for a street in a city using "Bezirksteile".

    Why are the streets not simply completely listed by city so they can be found? If you navigate normaly the only thing you have is a postal address, no more information. 

    And Munich is just an example, this bug affects a lot of cities.

    If searching would work this would be a great app, but actually it can't be used for navigating :( (how should i know in what Bezirksteil of a city a street is...)

  • Do you have relation ID for Munich? If the polygon is valid (OSM side) and the admin_level is properly assigned (MapFactor side) then you should be able to search in it as city.

    What Tomas meant by "extended search" is for cases where you have only singular point (place, or "center of settlement"), i.e. it is not clear which streets should be assigned to that point. So you could search both by distance and typed key like "Bay". I tested it on Munich and it makes me a little bit nervous as there are 3496 street segments within 1km (that does not contain Bayreuther Straße ) and for 5km radius you get 49844 segments, which are then merged into 2616 and by "Bay" start 5 of them including Bayreuther Straße ...
    but that will be only backup if the admin areas are not well working.
  • This seems to be the best id for Munich (i compared it with the official city borders):


    Does it just need to be fixed in MapFactor?
  • How do you do it with Berlin? It is nearly three times as large as Munich and has 96 "Ortsteile". But you find all streets just via "Berlin"...
  • @remoh - thanks. I checked the latest processed data and the relation 62428 was not there (and was not there for couple months). This means that it was rejected as invalid multipolygon. I see it as three polygons and a small one was with self-intersection at (48.124444444444443, 11.563166666666667) ... but that's something in the middle of Munich :(. I noticed that there are several sub-relations without role description. We ignore only role 'subarea' so that's probably one source of the problem [as far as I remember in many 'type'='multipolygon' were missing 'inner' and 'outer' roles ... so that was reason we used all.

    Somebody recently edited the relation so I will check it again with Dec 2012 data next week.
    p.s. if you have recommendations regarding type=multipolygon, please let me know ... thanks

  • Invalid multipolygon...
    Same with Hamburg, Germany.
    I have no idea how to fix it in osm. Otherwise I'd do it myself. Can you help?



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