a map is missing
  • Hello,
    I just made an update with OSM maps, and now there isn't french map. I see the others (Italy, ...) but France is white. I can't download because it says that I allready have the maps. What can I do?
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  • please update Navigator
  • I don't find how to do that :-/
  • I recently found, that on my two devices, one had an udpate already, for the other an update was not available yet. We had it earlier, that @tomas mentioned, that updates are not offered to everybody at the same time, but only time by time. A kind of artificial intelligence  :)
  • Thank you, but it is very annoying : if I don't have TomTom maps, I can't use Navigator...

    Does it mean that before to update maps, we need to check for an update, and if there is no update possibility, we wait until it appears?
  • you need to email support
  • Hi NannTrugarez,

    if you use Windows:
    to update Navigator, go to Program Data => Navigator => Install folder, delete setup_pc_navigator.exe, open Setup Utility => Install => PC Navigator. Will download and install newest version.
    Or delete setup file for mobile device (e.g. pnd_app.rar for WinCE devides).
    Should be similar on Android.

    Maps of France have changed from 4 to 13 regions, so you need newest program version to use.

    Program updates will not be installed, even if needed - that's another feature of artificial intelligence ...

  • Thanks Roger.
    I use Android. To update, the e-mail support says to go to MapFactor page on Google Play, there is a button "update". I did that.
    Ad I have (re)download OSM french maps.
  • Hi,

    can not check it on Android - is there a file named "atlas_free.idc" or similar? If so, there are two sections of <sheet ...>-Tags for french maps - one containing four maps and one with thirteen. One section is marked as comment (from <!-- down to -->). The not marked section must correspond to your maps - if you have 4 maps (north, east, south, west), the section with thirteen maps (thirteen regions) must be marked as comment.

    This had to be corrected manually on my PC and WinCE versions (with plain text editor). Had the same problem with maps of France.
    Other option is to delete app and maps and all related folders and reinstall newest version.

  • I have 13 france_OSM maps, and 4 france-ta maps (TomTom, I guess)
  • Do you have a license for commercial maps? If not, delete all that's not OSM.

    To use the thirteen maps of France, you need to have newest version - if yours is before 5.5.105 and no update from Goo***, try apkpure.com or try to download it manually from the store. I don't use Goo store, get my apks for testing from apkpure, and my systems really used for navigation run on WinCE ...

    If your version is 5.5.105 you will have to wait for an update (or contact support by mail, as tomas mentioned).

  • Yes, I have buy TomTom maps (I don't know why, for the moment).
    My version is 5.5.105, I did the update according to the advice of the support by e-mail ;-)
    I don't find Mapfactor on apkpure.com

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