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  • hello,

    I've downloaded the latest version of navigatorfree, but I don't see a romanian voice file. May I compile myself such a file, I assume it should be named "sounds_ro.mca"

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  • Hello Jakeres,
    yes, it is possible to record your own Romanian voice but it is rather complicated. The
    voices are split into several parts. Have a look at tts.xml file in your installation (Text To Speech), where you will see all necessary texts/files to record, for example:
    A-KW-00-00 ... "keep left"
    A-SM-02-00 ... "turn right"

    About translations - a partial Romanian translation is in reality available - see existing
    localisation_ro.dll, but it is missing in language selection. Fixed in build 11.0.2.
    If you are interested I can send you whole TS file for translation.

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