Planned route on Google maps and import to Navigator for navigation
  • Hello folks,

    I plan to go on a road trip next month. I would like to use a certain route. I have mapped that route on Google maps but I can not use it for navigation. I would like to import that route in Navigator and use it for navigation.

    I searched a bit and found that I could use gpx file. So I converted kml from Google maps to gpx using some website and copied it to the navigator folder but it is not recognized by Navigator.

    I tried making route on the Mapfactor PC app but I need to play around with the app to understand how to exactly use it to plan a route.

    My questions are
    - Any idea what could be wrong with my gpx file that Navigator can not recognize my file.
    - Is there any other way (skipping MapFactor PC application) to make a file directly from google maps

    Thanks in advance.
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  • Hello,

    if I plan a route with Google maps I copy the link of that route and paste it on a site that converts "maps to gpx". I get then a track of my route as gpx 1.0. I then send this gpx  as attachment to my e-mail adress and import it to Mapfactor or use Digger QT and get a a mca-file. I prefer the second way because I can choose a custom colour and thickness of my track-line. To get a WP-list of my route I open the gpx with Garmin MS and filter the track points down to a max. of 50 points and safe it as gpx-file. This file I open then with "Route Converter" and convert the track with 50 points to a WP-list and safe it as gpx 1.0-file again. I then import it to Mapfactor and let Mapfactor calculate the route. I keep the track of my route because I doubt that Mapfactor route engine will always calculate the same route with a set of given WPs then Google engine and for that reason I always hold on too the track-line of my planned route so I'm able to compare it. 

  • What a mess! Plan your route in MFN android by simply tapping on the card and thus creating waypoints. Then go to route info/waypoints and sort them how needed. Often the optimize button helps.
  • "My questions are
    - Any idea what could be wrong with my gpx file that Navigator can not recognize my file.
    - Is there any other way (skipping MapFactor PC application) to make a file directly from google maps"
    Sometimes it helps reading the question. I normally don't plan a route at all but that wasn't the question here from @NewNav. Surely it is way easier to plan the route with MFN.
  • Try gpsbabel for convert jobs, it's free and contains presets for nearly all navs, MFN included. You can choose exporting to waypoints, tracks or routes.

    I still don't understand why You don't choose such a workflow instead of using the direct way by using the soft You will navigate with right away from start. So seen, I really don't understand Your question.

    Hope the gpsbabel hint helps!
  • My kml file, converted by ITNConverter to GPSexchange (GPX V1.0) can directly get imported to my routes.
    GPX V1.1 gets imported to GPX recorded.

    ITN also converts to MFN as XML file. I save it in "data" but it doesnt show well.

    btw: how to add the files to comment?

  • btw: You need to upload files to any public directory in the internet and may post a hyperlink here. This forum has no capability to attach files directly to a post.
    If you want to have a picture inline in your post, you have to upload to a public drive and can then use the "insert image" icon at the menue above.
  • @NewNav
    A navigable route is not possible by importing a GPX file. However, you can display the route on the map.
    Look here:

    There used to be an inofficial tool, which could translate a GPX file into a navigable route, but it seems, that it isn't available anymore.
  • I do it that way...

    the mobile

    The copied files on PC with details

    TotalCommander view of files

    pick the GPSExchange (GPX1.0) file

    open with Navigator

    it ask import and I first select all before import

    It does it

    I go to menue 

    and open simulation

    here all is...

    and works

    and is stored at routes


  • looks like there is something wrong with the links...
    I directly ad the link as offerd at picr.
    and solved links last comment...


    Test of pics-import
    with the ITNConv pics
    You see the 2 formats I used

  • I do it exactly the same way as Markus. Even routes from the kurviger app can directly be imported to MFN without fiddling around with conversions. Quite happy with this.
  • To show tha way it worked for me I used one thats free av. on kurveneldorado so anyone can also pick and test by him/herself.

  • Okay, lesson learned. Using an existing gpx-file for navigation is possible.

    But, it should be a waypoint-gpx, no route or track.
    And the import of the file seems not to be possible from inside Navigator, at least I didn't found any options for importing. Only by opening the file from a file-manager Navigator offers an import-menu.

    Until now I only worked with tracks (gpx) to draw a line onto the maps. But this here offers new possibilities.

    Creating those files can also be done with , which offers export in different formats (route/track/waypoints). No need to convert kml from Google maps into an other format.
  • Hi,
    To transform a Google maps route directly into a Gpx file, there is this:
  • On my HUAWEI P8 lite (Android 6), there was initially no way to import a gpx-file with Navigator by opening the file in the file explorer.

    After tapping on a file the "open as" dialogue offers "documents", "music", "videos", "pictures", "application", an "others". Hitting "others" or "application" resulted in a parser error.

    Finally I found Navigator offered under "documents"! I did not expect it here because the usual document file types are doc, docx, txt, rtf, etc.. Gpx however belongs to the XML file family.

    Hours of searching in the net and testing conversion apps could have been saved if Navigator had an own procedure for opening adequate import files like gpx or kml. The status quo shows a too high dependence on the operation system of the smartphone.
  • Install total commander app and it will be offered and opened correctly.
  • Total Commander is a good choice. But be careful, if you've got more navigation apps (not only Mapfactor) installed, it could happen, that within a short-tap on the gpx-icon another app opens.
    I've got Mapfactor and OsmAnd installed.

    Total Commander shows gpx-files with the Mapfactor-icon, but opens OsmAnd. You have to long-tap that icon and select the app to open with.

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