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  • Can we have TTS voice with Android?
    Navigator version 3.0.125
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  • it is already available in settings/localisation/navigation sounds
  • Its gone in version 4.0.85 in my Samsung A3.
  • I've got it. You should be able to select it. If you cannot then try downloading the TTS voice again.
  • tomas: in navigation sounds I have portuguese voice but not a TTS voice

    amlumsden: I have no TTS voice to download.  How have you done?

    knibja: the last version in google play that I have is 3.0.125
  • you need to select voice engine first
  • I found but no portuguese voice, just germa,english, espanol, francais, italiano and korean, that's all

    I must born again in another country...
  • may be you can translate tts.xml?
  • I can translate, yes. (english or french)  You mean select english voice - is a .xml file? and then translate it?
    I'll gone download one of them and I'll see what iI must do.
  • Is not  tts.xml file. I choose a french voice and the tts.xml file is in english.
    What is the file I must translate? I have others navigators software - TomTom and IGO and the TTS voice are not simple to make one, is not just translation. This one I don't find anything that can be a TTS language
  • TTS engine will read text in tts.xml
    I am not sure what is it yu do no understand
  • What he means is that he doesn't have a tts.xml to start from. He needs a link or so to the latest version.
  • tts.xml is in folder android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/
  • Is everyone confused or am I? What @treta needs to do is download Google TTS for his language. This should then be seen as an option. Select Google TTS then the language you downloaded.
  • yes, but Portugues is not supported in tts.xml
    it needs to be translated and added

  • Tomas:it needs to be translated and added

    What file? Can you point me in good direction?
  • tts.xml located in folder android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/
  • I said: Is not  tts.xml file. I choose a french voice and the tts.xml file is in english

    As I said I don't think that  changing tts.xml file is enougt to have a portuguese voice but I'll try it and I'll see

    Later I'll tell you if it works

  • The file tts.xml is multilingual. There are different sections for different languages. So you need a Google Portuguese voice and also you need to add a Portuguese section to tts.xml.
  • john_percy - you are right, there are several languages, I'll add a portuguese section
    When you say I need  a Google Portuguese voice I think is hard to have it. I mean I have TTS Portuguese voice in a TomTom and in IGO software but I think they don't work with Navigator. That's it what I need?
  • you need to install Google or Yvonna TTS
  • Does Google text to speech appear as an option in Navigator / Settings / Localisation / Navigation Voice? If not, download it from Google Play Store. To use Google Text-to-speech on your Android device, go to the main phone Settings > Language & Input > Text-to-speech output. Select Google Text-to-speech Engine as your preferred engine.
    If you can select Google text to speech in Navigator but not a Portuguese voice, you may have to download the Portuguese voice from the same place in the main phone settings.
    For some reason the option in Navigator to download more voices doesn't seem to work and only offers more maps.
    As Tomas says, you can also use Ivona (correct spelling) tts engine and voices.
    There is a Portuguese section in navigation.xml using the code "pt", so Navigator ought to recognise a section in tts.xml with that identifier.

  • Thanks again, I'll gone a try
  • One further point: both tts.xml and navigation.xml are overwritten by updates to Navigator. If you edit either of them, keep a copy to upload again after the first run of the updated app.
  • please email it to us if anybody adds language
  • Tomas, please, slovak TTS.
    Thank You in advance.

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