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  • Hi MapFactor,

    I am from POIbase (and poiplaza), with more than 7 million pois one of the bigges free databases for navigation systems. POIbase is compatible with the most mobile and build-in nav systems but not with MapFactor. The problem is, that we do not have found a way to create the needed *.mca files by our poibase system automaticly. There are this digger tool but it seams that this tool cannot be used with comand line and so we cannot use it in our solution.

    Is there any known way to create *.mca files automaticly, is there any documention or tool we can use to provide you with free poi data for your MapFactor products.

    Does MapFactor read in this forum? We hope that they can provide us with the information we need to support there great software.

    I really hope that we can find a way together to support MapFactor.

    Best R.
    Tobias Bischof
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  • Hi MapFactor Fans,
    we have a first version of poibase that can recognize MapFactor for pc and also MapFactor for Android and install the .mca data. You can download POIbase for free under https://www.poibase.com/en/download-poibase/ or use the web-based version (sorry the translation is still not finished).
    We would be happy to get feedback from you how it works and if there are thinks we can make better to improve the combination of poibase and mapfactor. You can also use poibase to import own csv,kml,gpx files and than work with this data on the poibase map and transfer it to mapfactor format. But I guess the most poi-categorys are still there because there are more then 7 million pois for free.
    Thanks to mapfactor for supporting us!
    Best R.
    Tobias from POIbase
  • @mapfactor Please, please help them! I am sure, that would be of enormous advantage for mapfactor as well!
  • To start with: MNF should grab this opportunity and help you as best they can.

    If not: 
    2 years ago I created a set of scripts to display traffic lights as POIs in Navigator. see here: https://github.com/hvdwolf/Navigator-traffic_lights
    They "automicatically" create the mca files. I assume with some modifications they could also work for other POIs. 
    I'm a linux/python guy but this time I switched to Windows as I considered the wine route to cumbersome even though that works too.

    It is the last part of the traffic_lights_csv.py script with some config files.
    Of course I hope MNF will help you to achieve what you want, but it is a start.
  • Hi,

    even POIbase has more than 7.000.000 POIs for free we also have some paid services like some premium speedcams. I would like to support you with discount code. Please use XSC2Y-U2B93-X2D35 for 10 EUR off (when basket is over 15 EUR) or use 8G4FE-4KRC5-XF5WK for 5 EUR off (when basket is over 10 EUR).

    Best R.
  • Thanks for these answers, more votes are wellcome.

    I guess the diger_console is what we are searching for! I hope we are allowed to bundle this comand-line programm with our poibase software to make it more easy for the user.
    I write an email to the mapfactor support and waiting for feedback, hope to get it soon.
    Best R.
  • Yes, please release a batch-tool (windows) to generate MCA-Files! ;)
  • The batch tool has already been released years ago: that is digger_console.exe. See here
    You can download it from the mapfactor servers: http://download.mapfactor.com/diger_console_12_2_2.zip

    The point is that @TBpnav likes to have support from MNF in what he is doing, not only in using it but also to bundle it with their software. Having such a big base of POIs becoming available for mapfactor should be a motivation for MNF to make the app even more attractive for (new) users.

    The download contains both the graphical Qt version as well as the console version.
  • I installed the campsite Poi's years ago they are really good. Many thanks TBpnav, well done and I hope you are successful.
  • I already answered your request, a few days ago
  • If it is about legal consequences because of the bundling of MNF software with poibase software, I fully understand that Tomas does not share that here but directly with Tobias.

    I hope that we "some day" hear what the outcome is.
  • In this special case I think it would be quite foolish to share not ...
  • Yes, absolutely :)
    But being a convenient, useful addition might not be the same as a feasible legal option
  • Excellent news. Will be testing later.
  • I have got it working on my wince device. I downloaded some Supermarket POIs to a SDcard: a folder POIs and a POIbase.ini file and it works.
    When I search POI on destination, i can see a extra folder "Importeer", in this a folder POIs witch contains the POIs I downloaded with the POIbase program.

    the POIs are not integradet in the POIs form the system and:
    it creates a folder in my speedcamera section of the system, so it looks like i have speedcamera-data witch I don't have installed. So: normally I can "prove" that my navigation system does NOT have any speedcamera-warning and data, when you go to the speedcamera section it gives an "error" that the device does not contain any files. But now it has a folder (witch should contain noting) but it is there and you can not see there is noting like speedcamera-data in it.

  • thank you for testing and feedback!

    "the POIs are not integradet in the POIs form the system" can you give me some more informations about this? Is there any way known to integrate the categorys better?

    We will check the issue with the empty speedcam file and will change this in one of the next poibase updates!

    Best R.
  • another question: I tested it and it was hard to "find" the generated mca-file. I found it in a "crazy" folder-structure, but isnt there a way to store it on a "better place"?
  • There are two scenario:

    1) POIbase has found a MapFactor installation on the pc or the smartphone
    In this case poibase will copy the mca-files to the folder that is needed to automaticly import the pois to MapFactor. Yes this folder is hart to find but it is the folder that is needed and normaly there is no need to get access to this folder.
    2) POIbase hast not found any MapFactor installation and you have selected the system manuell
    In this case poibase will ask you to select the folder manuell and you can store it where you want and find it.

    I guess in your case a MapFactor installation was found!

    Best R.
  • Yes, I think a have the windows-version installed. But just for testing. I need the files on my android-phone (that is not connected with the PC). For the android I know in which folder I have to copy the file ;)
  • Google restricts usage of other folders then developers - not possible in Android
  • @tomas can you eplain a little bit more what you mean?
    @mb76 ok I understand the problem, at the moment I see no easy way to change the export folder. But we will think about this.
  • @mb76
    fast solution is using the web-version under http://web.poibase.com
    you will get an e-mail with the .mca files.
  • @tomas: I dont want a direct export to my Android-Device. I copy it by myself to the data-folder. I just want create a mca-file, want FIND these ;) to copy it manually....
  • when you start downloading maps on PC for the first time, you are asked for a destination folder
    this folder will also be used for imports
    if none is selected, default is used
  • "the POIs are not integradet in the POIs from the system" can you give me some more informations about this? Is there any way known to integrate the categorys better?

    I am not sure, can't check it, but the only thing I noticed that a extra folder was created in the list of "select POI type", you get a list of category's, like Culture and ??, shops and eat.
    In the extra folder named "Importeer" i get items witch i chose in the POIbase app.
    What I can't check: that the items from POIbase are listed in the category's, like Culture and ??, shops and eat.
  • Hi Pidie,

    ok thanks, at the moment we have no informations if it is possible to list the imported pois in the normal categorys list like cultur, shops etc.
    If anybody have informations if this is possible please give us an advise.

    Best R.
  • No, that is not possible. All external POI files are treated as imported POI files and are not part of the categories defined inside the country maps.
    Next to that: when it comes to POI mca files containing thousands of POIs (like my traffic light POI files for some countries*) you notice that these imported POI files are not as optimized and not indexed like the country map files.
    The only "switch" you have is to characterize them as  "speed camera" data or not. You don't want your restaurant/campings/whatever POIs characterized as speed cameras.

    *: And this is also why I entirely stopped my Wikivoyage POI files as the combination of longer text with many POIs brought Navigator almost to a stand-still.
  • Hi TBpnav (Tobias),

    I have testet Poibase to Import selected Categories and I can say, it
    works very fine!
    Thank You!

    Best Regards
  • @Pidie
    we cannot reproduce your problem with the empty speedcam folder. If you only select normal pois and no speedcams there will be no speedcam file or folder created. Can you please check your selected categorys again?
    Best R.
  • We get some requests from iOS map-factor app users. Is it possible to import the pois also for the iOS App? Does anybody have managed to install pois for the iOS app? Thanks...
  • you can use the same .mca files, but I have no idea how to get them to iOS file structure

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