cameraspeed file per country
  • Hi all,
    To avoid the problem of the legality of the radars in each country, I think it would be easier to have a single cameraspeed file per country.
    This will allow everyone to be responsible for posting or not radar.
    With this principle, if I have a trip from France -> Switzerland -> Italy -> Austria -> Germany, I only download the cameraspeed file from Italy.
    Like that, no more problems at the border, I will not have the radars of other countries.
    But that's just an idea, I do not know if it's possible ...
    Thank you.

    PS: would you have the Gpx file of the camera speed of Italy so that I can make a unique .mca file of this country for our vacation to 23 bikers.
    that would be highly apreciated.
    Thank you.
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  • That already exists, but it costs something. Look here:
  • Thanks for this information Crocodilefarm.
    I do not understand, it's 10 euros a year for a country and it's free for all the countries of Europe ?!
  • As an alternative, You could look whether you find a gpx camspeed file at poi plaza or other appropriate web pages and create an own mca file without icons?
  • @MacDony
    this is not practical as cameras are treated as import and there is a limit on how many imported files you can have
  • Thank you for your information, I looked Poi plaza, but the update dates from 2017

    Italy contains about 4800 radar pois :~
  • SCDB takes 9,95 € per year. I understand that all downloads are included for one year.

    how many imported files are possible? I've already have had more than 20 and all went well.
  • I think 32, including cameras

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