some question about Navigator 11 Free
  • I have a few question about Navigator Free
    1. Is there anyway to edit the voice files to make them better ? They are inconsistent in volume.
    2. Is there anyway to improve the synthesised voice file or to use a commercial voice file ?
    3. what fonts are used in the menus? I'm using the Greek language and the Greek text in the menu is oversized and a different font compared to the English text.

    I'm running the program using wine in ubuntu

    Sorry for all the questions
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  • Sounds like most the issues you're having are due to WINEs incompatibility issues.  The speech system uses Windows built in speech SDK.  As far as I'm aware, so the only way to change the voice is the change the SDKs voice.  If I remember correctly the default is either Microsoft BOB or Microsoft SAM.  I'm not aware on how you can do this with WINE under Linux.
  • I tried in also on a windows 7 system and apart from the fonts, which work fine, I have the same quality problems with the sounds.
  • HELP !

    Where can I download Version 11.0.56 as I now have a totally useless SatNav as the map update keeps saying I need the latest version of Navigator to run them ! 
    Set up utility version 11.0.23 says there are no updates available - very confusing and frustrating 
  • Did you use PND or CAB installation? I would delete files from
    "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MapFactor\SetupUtility\Install"
    and download them again.
    p.s. in regions.dcf file you should see if the install is or is not available
  •  Hi Martin
    Can't find  'c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MapFactor\SetupUtility\Install'
    in Windows 7
    No idea where to find regions.dcf file
    And sorry but no idea what PND or CAB means
    I have very basic computer knowledge and just want to be able to use my sat nav again ! 
    Any further help much appreciated


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