Bolivia Map causes app crash
  • Hello, it seems, that the latest Bolivia Map causes app crash. When I downloaded the maps of Peru, Chile and Argentina it works fine. When I also downloaded the map of Bolivia the app constantly crashes, when I scroll over Bolivia. After deleting the Bolivia map everything works fine again.... Has someone experienced the same bug? Or how can I download an "old" map of Bolivia, that is working?

    Thanks and have a nice day
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  • I've had same experience with a map from Portugal. I downloaded it from the early-access. If you are doing the same, then go back to standard downloads, there are all the stable maps.

    Otherwise Mapfactor usually will rollback the early-access maps to the stable ones. But this could take some days.

    First you should delete the Bolivia map.
    Then go to 'ConfiguracĂ­on' --> 'Gestor de mapas' --> uncheck 'Accceso anticipado a mapas'.
    ('Settings' --> 'Map manager' --> 'Early maps access')
    Finally download the Bolivia map again.
  • Thanks for your response, Crocodilefarm. "Early map access" is unchecked in my app.... so I probably downloaded the Bolivia map not as "early access map", but as regular map.
    So, I will try to download the Bolivia map again in a few days... perhaps it's fixed then :-) 
  • Sometimes the download does not complete correctly. It might be worth deleting the map and trying again.

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