Map update for June
  • Hi,
    I was wondering why there is still no map update for June.
    I have early map access checked, but no updates are available.

    Zohar Sivan
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  • I already downloaded early maps a few days ago
  • I got only new map for Ireland (44-201706010)...

    One more question:
    I have TT-Maps - Europe (...Germany an other maps 60-201701190 - no update available)
    BUT if I go to buy maps there is a Europe Upgrade for me available for 10€??
  • TomTom map upgrades are chargeable
  • I noticed no european OSM map updates for June. On 26th I changed download from Direct to Torrent & 18 updates appeared. I downloaded & installed a few then went back to Direct download & there were none again. Ichanged again to Torrent download & completed the update.
  • I tried both direct and torrent download, but no map update appears. All the maps are from May (I'm talking about OSM maps).
  • did you set Early maps?
  • Yes I did set early maps.
  • I also have early map set.
  • yes, there is a problem, we will fix it soon
    please be patient

    if you try it a few times, it will come up
  • Since may I also see some problem with the update in general (I use mapfactor on windows phone). I had the may maps, then the updater offers me April maps... then may maps again (and so on). Now I managed to updated Slovakia map for the June version, and today it offers me as an "update" the May version of slovakia... something is amiss.
  • yes, please be patient
  • Das die Upgrades kostenpflichtig sind habe ich in der AGB nirgends gelesen. 3 bis 4 im Jahr 10 € plus traffic 9€ und dann noch Premium 5€ da kommt was zusammen.
  • TomTom maps have no expiry date, updates are charged at approx 50%
    you can update any time in the future, no need to do it with every release.
  • Still no updated maps for June.
  • My phone is just udating some selected map files.

    On my tablet this will be the bug, @Tomas mentions. I selected only a few files to be updated, not all existing maps. Accidentiallly I hit the back button of the tablet and not the update maps button of the app. Having done this I had to return to map manager and this time, map manager says, that all maps are up to date, even if they are from May and updates were offered just minutes before.
  • @Oldie - I experience same behavior. Sometimes updates are offered, sometimes not. Sometimes "downdates" are offered eg April map instead of June map...
    lets hope this bug will be fixed soon (fingers crossed).
  • please be patient, our administrator is on holiday and we need to be careful not to make it even worse
  • I'll be patient, don't worry.

    For those who desparately need new maps, there is a very simple workaround: delete maps you really need and download as "new". That way you will get latest maps anyway.

    Or even better, I tried to do this procedure with the relativley small map of Luxemburg (6MB only). When I came back to map update manager from deleting this one map, Navigator offered me updates again, which (updates) were lost this morning by my misstapping on the device... Just try it, delete one map and maybe you will be offered all updates as it should be [-O<
  • it is a little bit of luck, it depends which server are you directed to - some work properly, some do not
  • @Oldie, better advice to just move the map somewhere else instead of deleting it ;-)
  • Why moving and keeping an old map, when I can get a new one? In the improbable case there is unexspectectedly no new map, I have to devices, so I could get the (old) map from the other device. ;-)
  • Imagine the new download fails. I mentioned it for users without a backup somewhere else, not for you ;-)
  • Is it possible, that early-access-maps are older then the usual maps? Today I switched from early acces to normal mode and now I can update serveral maps with a newer date than in early-access.

  • I also unchecked early-access and got the June update.
  • Also something related with the problems of map-servers!? See other post.
  • I've tried switching early access off & on, switched from torrent downloads to direct & back again but still no updates. Yesterday I received a notification on both Android & PC telling me that updates are available but opening both map managers gives no updates. Are the server problems still there?

    Samsung S7. Android v.7.0. MFN v.3.1.123
  • problem is with early maps and torrent
    so switch to direct download and early maps off

  • Thanks for that Tomas. I'll give it a try.
  • @Tomas
    Thanks again Tomas. Map updates are now available.
  • it should be fixed now, botherly  maps and torrent
  • seems to be fixed, early map access worked well today.
  • Works fine for me now.
  • Updates that you've posted here works fine. Thanx a lot!

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