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  • I decided to purchase the commercial Tom Tom maps from MapFactor. My question is this: Would I be getting automatic updates for this product from Tom Tom?
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  • TomTom map updates are approx half price
    you can update at any time, no need to do it every quarter
  • So how is it done? Do I contact Tom Tom directly or do I order updates through MapFactor?
  • you will get notification on your device when new maps are available
  • what is the current version and when next release will be available?
  • current version was released by TomTom in late March 2014, next version in approx one month time (June data)
  • Hello,
    I have a question for TomTom map updates too. When I buy it, I have to pay 15€. When I want to update it, I have to pay half the price- 7€. Do I have to pay these 7€ for every update of each map?
    Maybe there are 3 times a year updates for Germany, then I have to pay 7€ three times (=21€), and that every year?
    And the same for the maps of the other countries?
    Or did I understand that wrong?
    Thanks for an answer!
  • you can update any time in the future, no need to do it with every release
    I do not know which countries you have, but it may be cheaper to upgrade to Europe for 10 euros
  • You have to pay for every update. There is no lifetime for map update.

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