Roadsegment cannot be reached in truckmodus
  • The segment of the Schoenaker (Beuningen, Netherlands) between crossings with Ficarystraat and Elsenpas can be reached in automodus but not in truckmodus.
    This is a bug, the whole Schoenaker road is perfectly suited for heavy traffic.

    As I'm new here, did I post this problem here correctly?
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  • I guess you mean this segment:

    Why do you think it is? I can't find anything that suggests that you can't use it in truck mode.
  • indeed, this is the segment with the problem.

    When choosing a destination point halfway this segment, In automodus a route is found. When you change to truckmodus (or start with truckmodes) MapFactor gives the message:
    No route is found. One of the route points cannot be reached by the chosen vehicle.

    Also, selecting a starting point just before the segment and a destination just after the segemt, in automodus the segment is used and the route is 4,5 km. In truckmodes the segment is avoided and a route of 16 km is choosen by the app.
  • you can click on the link, select 'pencil' and see if truck is allowed
  • Hi tomas,
    You mean the link of hvdwolf's reaction? If I click on that link I get the roadsegment but I don't know how to select 'pencil'.
    Can you explain or advise me some documentation I should read to get properties of roadsegments in OSV.
  • oncee you clik on the map, meu appears - pencil is in the menu
  • Tomas means inside Navigator. If you click on a road segment you get the menu bar on the right with the pencil "Wijzig ..".

    The strange thing is though that I get the "dangerous materials" and "no trucks" with red signs: on all roads I tried so far. All roads do alllow truck traffic apart from that Schoenaker section. I begin to believe it is a Navigator bug. 
  • please enable Local roads of high importance
  • I'm afraid I still don't understand. I use Mapfactor GPS navigation on a windows phone and on a windows PC.
    In both cases clicking on a road segment gives no menu on the right, but two icons, one with info on the clicking point and another with the possibility to make this point a starting, destination or route point,

    Why do you suspect it is a navigator bug and not an error in Openstreetmaps?
  • I thought you were using the android version.

    I think it is a navigator bug as I examined the specific road section in OSMand and it doesn't have any tags leading to the truck blockage.
    And secondly: the same tags in navigator are valid for 99% of the roads. I don't know anymore how to interpet the navigator info, but just because of that I think it is a bug.
  • Local roads of high importance are switched off in truck by default
    it is to keep trucks on main roads

    FYI there is no problem with TomTom maps

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