romanian fonts display and search problem
  • Just installed Navigator Free 10 on a WM6.5 mobile with the free Romania map, but on the search screen if i try to search for example a town witch has the letter "Ț" it doesn't find one, even if the first town in list is "Țăcău", maybe the character map isn't ok.
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  • I can confirm that there was a problem with some Romanian characters. The fix may require also application update. I will let you know when new data are available (probably next week)
    thank you
  • This problem should be fixed with PC/Pocket Navigator 10.1.51 and new romania_osm.mca update from 110315.
  • Installed the update, but the "Ț,ț" is showed like an empty rectangle in the search, an on the map the "Ț,ț" character isn't showed at all, for example: "Romania/Sibiu/TOWN CENTER/Pia a Mare" should be "Romania/Sibiu/TOWN CENTER/Piața Mare". Does the program uses system font, uses more fonts, and witch fonts does it use? Thanks.
  • I think it's not the map problem, but more the software or OS problem, because in the PC Navigator 10 FREE the search works and on the map is showing ok.
  • Found the problem, it's not with your software, but it is with the OSM maps, made a little modification to a perl script, added:
    # additional ro normalizations ÂĂÎȚȘâăîțș:
    s/\x{82c3}/\x41/g; ## Â c3 82
    s/\x{a2c3}/\x61/g; ## â c3 a2
    s/\x{98c8}/\x53/g; ## Ș c8 98
    s/\x{99c8}/\x73/g; ## ș c8 99
    s/\x{8ec3}/\x49/g; ## Î c3 8e
    s/\x{aec3}/\x69/g; ## î c3 ae
    s/\x{82c4}/\x41/g; ## Ă c4 82
    s/\x{83c4}/\x61/g; ## ă c4 83
    s/\x{9ac8}/\x54/g; ## Ț c8 9a
    s/\x{9bc8}/\x74/g; ## ț c8 9b

    so that the romanian characters are converted to normal letters in the romania.osm, before the map is to be converted. Maybe this will be usefull.
  • the characters were correct, so why to remove them? The problem was (as you wrote) in font not supported on your PND device (it worked on PC) ... ??
  • For example 0x99c8 in Tahoma is mapped to a Chinese character CJK Unified Ideographs, and in Romanian it should be ș, like I said, not sure even if the problem is in the OSM map because for these character there are other mapping in the font that should be chinese to but they are looking ok, maybe it's the OS that has something to do with the Regional settings.
  • I have same font problem with Vietnam map, some characters are missing in street names shown on maps and in search, for example Lê Thanh Nghị becomes Lê Thanh Ngh
    The problem appears both on PC and PDA versions

    Any ideas how to fix this?

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