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  • Hello, I have a question regarding the volume of voice instructions. It would be possible to increase overall voice instructions? I use PDA Fujitsu-Siemens T810 and heard enough to have voice guidance volume set to maximum level, both in navigation and in the PDA itself. Even in this setting is sometimes difficult to understand the voice guidance. I tried to install navigation on your laptop, but here are weaker voice instructions.
    I wonder if anyone has similar experience.
    The PDA I have ver. 11.0.56 and laptop too.

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  • Hi Valiscook

    What language are you running ?


  • Hi,
    Czech language (Denisa) , I have a PDA Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX T810.
  • Hi Valiscook

    I am from the Uk and run Navigator 11 Free on my Samsung Notepad in my car. I have the same problem with volume as you. The synthasized voice for English is unusable but the recorded voice Mapfactor Lotta is much better. I can just hear it over the road noise on full volume for both Navigator and the Windows  . I wonder if Martin (mdx) can increase the default volumes in the program. I hope that this can be done easily.


  • As far as I remember the voices are on their "volume limit", i.e. if you increase the volume you will cut the peaks and loose clearness of the voices. My college is on holidays now to confirm this, but I am afraid that that was the case.
  • Hi Martin

    Thanks for thr reply.

    I'll have to get a new car to reduce the road noise. ;)



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