Hardware-Rendering needs more Akkupower since Update March 2016
  • Hello, since january i use in my car (via car charger cable) MFN + Hardware-Rendering with 2 FPS on my HTC One S. It's looks very nice.  
    My results before update: Everytime there was a slow charge is

    done until the full battery capacity is reached. About +5% in one hour.
    After update: Now the battery capacity is going down during the drive. About -5 % in one hour the battery capacity is going down. It's sad.
    Now i must to use again software-rendering, the battery capacity is everytime going up, about +7% in one hour.
    Do you
    know the problem? What is been changed on the newest Version?
    Best regards - erfi!
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  • Thank you for your comments!
    I 've tested again, but the results are same.
    Is it possible, that the new MFN needs now more power for GooglePlay or other services during the navigation?
    I hope this problem will be to solve in next version. It was already better in last version.
  • this could simply be coinsidence - weak GSM signal consumes a lot

    interestingly, one user wrote that this version consumes a lot less

    I think that consumption remains the same 
  • Are you sure about same power consumption?

    There is a lot written about CPU and GPU governors. (The governors react to events and increase / decrease CPU/GPU frequency).
    It is a (relatively) well known fact that the andreno GPUs delivered with Qualcomm CPUs are more tuned towards performance than to battery life. (I don't know about the other CPU/GPU brands).
    This means there is no general rule about battery life but that it's also depending on your CPU/GPU combi.

    That, coupled to the fact that @Lubos mentioned some time ago that the GPU code could still use some optimization, I would guess that the battery consumption has (slightly) increased.

    My phone is still slowly loaded in my car but I really have the idea that it takes much longer to load compared to software rendering (but I never did any measurements)

  • I thought you were comparing previous version with the new one, both with hardware rendering
    yes, software rendering needs less power
  • That is also my impression, that power consumption is higher now. When charging with a low capacity charger, battery drains (slowly) despite charging.
  • Same here, the battery consumption increased a lot with the new rendering (I suspect it to be the cause). I could test that easily. On my Galaxy S5 without charging, the current consumption is roughly one percent/minute, close to twice than before.

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