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  • When I set my departure as my home address and try to calculate a route to a destination north, if I am using the Android version it ignores the local relief road, but using the Windows version the relief road is used.  This is not a small difference (about 4 miles).  Does anyone have an explanation?  In practice, I simply ignore the satnav and drive along the relief road and eventually it gets the message, but why does it do this, and how do I know if this is not happening at other points on any other route?
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  • is your windows version with OSM data or Teleatlas data?
  • could you please provide co-ordinates for departure and destination?
  • Tomas

    I have narrowed down the problem.  I am using post codes for
    convenience, but if you need coordinates I will try to get them.  My
    home post code is DT3 5JJ.  My library is at DT3 6SF.  The route from
    home to library is 4.3 miles and omits the Weymouth relief road, but the
    reverse route is 2.4 miles and uses the relief road.  There are no one
    way streets on either route.  But from home to Dorchester DT1 1AA the
    calculated route includes the relief road which the route to DT3 6SF
    will not.  It probably does not matter since I don't need a satnav to
    get to my library, but I wonder what happens when the route is one I
    don't know?  I thought the problem was different when I used the Windows
    version, but I think I was wrong.  The map is the UK.  So obvious to me that I forgot to say, but probably not so obvious to you.
  • There was wrong oneway near the small roundabout
    This fix should be visible in July 2012 data.

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