How to install NavigatorFREE on PND device
  • First of all make sure you have Windows CE device and you know the path to the navigation program (on some devices you can change the path to the navigation program through the settings menu).
    Unrar this file on SD Card. You may need to rename the folder and application name to make it work. In case of problems contact the hardware manufacturer for more details.
    Note, that this version may require additional libraries missing on your device.

    To download map data and sounds use Setup Utility available from
    and install data for Pocket Navigator on your SD Card.
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  • this post is already obsolete because last Setup Utility supports also WinCE installation on SD Card
  • How to install Navigator Free on an Actis 3:-

    Put your SD card in a USB card reader. (the installer can have problems doing it through a Windows Mobile connection)

    Install the CE version to your SD card.

    Rename Navigator.exe on your SD card to mobilenavigator.exe

    Create a folder called mobilenavigator in the root directory on your SD card.

    Copy paste everything else on your SD card to within the mobilenavigator folder.

    Put you SD card in your Actis 3.

    Press the world icon and it goes into Navigator Free.



    PS. The free version doesn't cope with speed limits very well and has no camera data.

    If they made it as good as the paid for version they wouldn't sell any, would they?
  • I installed the free navigator on a Mio C310 (WinCE 4.2). When I try to run the program I get:
    "Cannot find navigator (or one of it's components). Make sure the path and the filename are correct and that all the required libraries are available."

    I installed it directly to the memory card through a card reader.

    Any ideas?

  • I hoped somebody else would comment it ... I can only repeat what is written in Setup Utility: "If you want Navigator on a dedicated navigation device running Windows CE and cannot change the path to the navigation program through the settings menu you may need to rename the folder and application name to make it work. Contact the hardware manufacturer for more details. This version may require additional libraries missing on your device."
    If you know this information and it still does not run, there could be missing DLLs like zlib.dll. See the discussion
  • Does it matter which version of Windows CE own? I want to buy a PND with Windows CE 6.0 installed, but will it run Mapfactor without problems?
  • We cannot guarantee it - it should run even back to WinCE 4.2, but OS is little bit different on various products as manufactures decide which OS components/DLL will be installed ...
  • I have PND with Windows CE 6.0 it installs fine via the SD card and works well, my only problem is that it doesn't retain the settings or favourites. I have to restore the backup each time I first start the unit. Any Idea's?
  • by default PND version stores settings and favorites next to executable. Isn't your card write protected (I know, silly question)? Does not your device actually copy SD card into internal memory (for faster startup) and then it is in reality stored in your RAM (and deleted with power down)? If yes, you can tweak atlas_free.idc, in particular
    <user>\ResidentFlash\pn11\settings.xml</user> ... this is build error :(, we will fix it. It is automatically replaced but only in atlas.idc ...
    Next time you should have there something like
    sorry & thanks for your comment
  • fixed into PND version 11.0.10 (should be on update after SYNC)
  • what does this mean

    Note, that this version may require additional libraries missing on your device.

    how do i know what the missing libraries would be?


  • I was trying to install free version of Mapfactor on Blaupunkt San Diego 530 head unit.  It is known that the unit runs on WIN CE 6.  While downloading, Mapfactor, it shows, PDA drivers not included.  Can anyone say how can I get a working OSM based navigator.
  • @KPS Dont worry about that.
    Just make sure you download english sound and on first run select english then later you can change it.
    Check this video
    The only thing you have to do that i did not do on this video is that at the end of configuration you need to restart the device (if installed in car turn off ignition remove the key wait 10-15 seconds insert key turn car or ignition on again and thats it run navigator)
  • The Head unit do not even open the navigator. It
    just beeps on clicking the menu and further nothing happens. So nothing
    is able to change or manipulate

  • Did you set up the path to navigator.exe??
  • I downloaded as in the youtube video and took the SD card but to no improvement.  Thanks
  • Yes actually, the unit is supplied with the map of Sygic.  It has the folder and application named as "MobileNavigator".  If the same name is given, then only the head unit identify the SD as a navigational data and the logo of navigation is available.  Otherwise it will show only folders with folder logo as appearing in PCs.

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