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  • It seems that searching a POI by name does only retrieve elements that have a matching "name=xxx" OSM attribute. 

    It would be more than interesting to also match the other name attributes ("int_name=xxx", "alt_name=xxx" and "alt/name:<country code>=xxx"): when in a foreign country, that would help a lot! (especially when the original name is written in a character set not installed on the user's cellphone)
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  • This is only change in the data conversion - so if you choose settings/advanced/early maps access you can try new Thailand (this should work for both 1.6.20 and 2.0.27).
  • Just to give an example: in Bangkok, you don't retrieve the international airport by searching "Airport" or "Suvarnabhumi" or anything like that. You would have to type "ท่าอากาศยานสุวรรณภูมิ" to find it.

  • I can confirm that POI are not localized (as streets, cities and administrative areas) in OSM processing (TomTom maps are localized). In your example it would mean
    name:en     Airport Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi
    name:fr     Aéroport Suvarnabhumi de Bangkok
  • Thanks for having checked that Martin.
    My understanding is that Navigator has no way to access to the fields int_name, alt_name, and name:<xy> of POIs when using OSM data?
  • It should work now (version 201509210) - but I had to select ANY, ANY or ANY, Airport because it is outside the administrative area of Bangkok.
  • Thanks a lot @mdx. I'll give a try! When will this version be on Google Play?
  • Great! All maps should be like that. Thanks @mdx !
  • OK, thanks - note, that the same process was used for all countries/regions, so the change should be visible everywhere (if there alternative languages).
  • Excellent, up to all of us to map properly then :)

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