(permanently) Locked Gate - OSM?
  • Hi,

    last year I found a street with a most peculiar feature - a gate that was obviously permanently locked (as shown by the dirt, dead leaves and tufts of grass along its base). On one side the road was clearly residential, on the other more an asphalt covered track.

    I entered "barrier:gate" as a point of that street into OSM, then had TomTom compute a route - and it tried to send cars through that gate, causing a gleeful chuckle.

    Just now I remembered that gate, and had Navigator compute the same route - it too ignored the gate.

    I tried Copilot and Here - both got it right with incorrect maps: they simply show two separate streets with a 50 m gap between them.

    What's your advice how to treat a case like this in OSM so the map is correct yet Navigator "knows" there's no way to drive through that gate?
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  • Sorry for the delay - I was mad enough to "upgrade" to Win10, and I am one of those for whom the change was anything but painless. (I am now using a very old notebook with Win7, which is sloooowwww, but at least does work).

    The coordinates are (close to) 52° 04' 16.973" N, 09° 30' 47.373" W, just to the north east of Ash Close...

    and I'm very, very embarassed: :\">   I just looked at OSM to find out the node ID - and somehow I managed to define the gate as a node without connection to the street.

    I've changed this - and hopefully the next map update will work correctly in MFN.
  • Can you give us the node ID (or coordinates) of you barrier?

    In some older versions it was "permanently blocked", later very high penalty was used so if no other route exists it went through the gate.

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