WINCE TMC message problem
  • Since probably the last Germany-south map update or the one before I have the following text as the first line in every TMC message:
    no location table data installed.
    The second line then contains the cause of the message e.g. traffic accident, but there is no more location indicated.

    What does that mean and what is the reason for that?

    It is not caused by the 15.0.2 update because 14.1.2 shows the same problem.

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  • The OSM data contains only "D01" TMC tables for Germany. It is possible that you got messages from neighbor country or received paid/encoded TMC broadcast? It should show that particular failing ID.
  • @mdx

    I think I have narrowed it down a bit. I'm not getting D01's, but D00+/-5 digit number, like:
    no location table data installed[D00-36523)
    e.g. Closed for repairs for the next few hours

    They appear only to come from one station: Klassik Radio 107.2 MHz in Munich. So when I set the TMC frequency fixed on 107.2 I get only these broken messages.

    All the other TMC messages are correct, except these.

  • As far as I remember D00 used to be paid TMC Pro - how it is now I do not know.
  • Can Navigator for WINCE receive TMC Pro?
    I would be surprised because as far as I know you need a license for that.
  • No, Navigator (PC,Pocket,WinCE) does not handle paid TMC (including TMC Pro).

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