motor_vehicle:conditional is not recognized
  • Hi,

    it seems that the "conditional" tag is not taken into account for the car navigation (Navigator Free on Android). I have tried it with an existing way I found in France (using TagInfo and Overpass Turbo). Both, MapQuest and OSRM also fail and route through the restricted way although the current time stamp should be valid (okay, I don´t know in which time zone the server works).

    I personally have an issue with another road in Cologne which is always used for the routing when it´s actually closed. There I have just corrected the tag value from "So" (Sonntag) to "Su" (Sunday) which is not yet in the map data of course and not yet testable for that reason. But I fear that it will behave the same way as the French example above.

    Is the specific syntax not taken into account by the Navigator or are such restrictions ignored at all? If latter is the case: Is there a plan to add such?

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  • Yes, I saw your post (from May last year). But the max speed information is less important than the access information I think. You anyway need to watch the speed signs (and to be honest – speed information from map data is often wrong or does not apply for some reason). But you cannot prevent that your car stops in front of a barrier if the navigation doesn´t know about it. That is really bad and could make the way even longer than a route which takes the barrier into account from the beginning.

    I would expect an alert like "Your route contains the following restrictions:" and then the list of all restrictions including the time when you are expected to be there. Then you could press "ignore" or "accept" for each restriction. Especially the "PH" would need to be confirmed because the navigation does not (necessarily) know all the local bank holidays.
  • Well ... I would rather agree with krza, that access/motor_vehicle is more important. Also in that case you have to algorithmically understand the condition if it is at given moment valid or not.
  • The conditional tag generally is ignored. I mean that some time ago I suggested to introduce it at least in combination with the maxspeed tag.
  • OK, thanks for info. I was just going to ask you about "PH" because I did not find it on
    The current plan is to collect the data and after development branch update it should be also available in MCA files. The application use case for the first version was similar (for TomTom data) as you described. I suppose there is still need to translate tag info into something more readable for users (like the "PH" attribute).
  • And what about conditional maxspeed...??
  • Thanks a lot, Martin. By the way ... the PH was used for the opening hours. Don´t know where it actually was defined (or not defined). But it seems to be used and I did not see a different version (like BH for bank holiday or something).

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