Digger QT crashes
  • Hi All

    I try to coverst csv POI to  Navigator Free format ising Digger QT. I try to do it with Digger 10 and Digger 11 on PC with Windows 7 and Windows XP and every time I get error message about problem with accessing digger_config.xml. I even tried to grent full access to everybody to that file but digger still crashed. Does anybody know how to fix it?

    Regards, Marcin
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  • Hi Marcin,
    the problem could be in CSV file. Can you first try some trivial 2 line import?
  • Now I can prepare mca file - thanks, Martin. But how to see POI (LPG station) on my map? I can see imported map on map listing but no one POI I can see on the map. Only I can see labels of POI in some area of map. How to see all POI and their icons? I added PNG during conversion with Digger.
  • I am not sure what do you mean - do you see at least one imported POI in the map, in detail zoom, with your PNG image?
  • I can see all POI labels but no PNG.
  • Can you check what zoom levels did you set? Or did you used default?
    One more test is to run import but select that you do not want to use compressed version (chechbox in step5) and verify, that your PNG was copied in newly created directory.
  • I used default. PNG is copied into newly created directory.

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