Making custom voices
  • Hello,

    I am using this navigation on my Android phone, and I must say it is very very very good :-)

    Is there any tutorial on how to record my own navigation voices and copy to my device? Is there a tool or something for download so I can give it a try?

    Thanks :-)

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  • Hi Mure,
    it is possible, but definitely not simple. The voices are cut into phrases and they have to "match" (with volume and timing). What language do you want to record? I would recommend to download PC Navigator FREE, and have a look at tts.xml (list of phrases which is currently empty on Android) and navigation.xml (rules, how different files are mixed for given maneuver and language).

    The voices are standard WAV files: 16bit (8bit does not work on some Android versions) PCM, recommended freq 22kHz, mono.

    Finally you have to add file id.tm6 into your-sounds-directory with language code ...

    good luck

  • So it is not possible to use i.e. free TOMTOM voices?
    Because the translated voices are absolutely horrible.

  • no, this is not possible to use TT sounds, you would need to record them
  • Too bad, i thought TT voices were also simple .wav files.

  • probably, but file structure would be different, I have no idea to be honest
  • Do you happen to know how to change the voices in the settings? I cannot find any voice related issues except in the settings for KM/Mile but there are no options to select in that menu.
  • in Android Settings/Language
    in Windows settings/Application/Language

  • Thanks, have to try that, will let you know if it worked out.
  • Martin,

    I'm trying do the same w/o luck. I created the folder "xx" (tried also "sounds_xx") in navigator/data folder where xx is a language code, prepared several *.wav files named according to navigation.xml (e.g. Cx-RO-00-01.wav or Cz-RO-00-10.wav, etc.), added id.tm6 file based on one generated by diggerQt:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <purpose>...</purpose> <- here I tried voice/voices/sound/sounds
    <version>201403050</version> <- copied from digger file
    <data_version>1002</data_version> <- copied from digger file
    <data_vendor_id>255</data_vendor_id> <- copied from digger file
    <id>xx</id> <- language code
    Unfortunately such custom voice is not visible in "Settings/Language" menu. I tried for few language codes. Could you then let me know what should I do more or in different way to have custom voice working? Thanks in advance.
  • Hi there,
    I'm using the navigation on a Chinese Win CE 6 device, it is working fine. (previously used on my android phone).
    Unfortunately the Hungarian voices are very poor (tts unusable, recorded voice included a lot of grammatical errors).
    I'd like to make own voices.

    Tell me please, how can I create a new sound mca file from wav files? I tried the digger 12, but no wav input file opportunity in it. (I've generated POIs with it, it is working fine).

  • would you share your sounds with other users?
    we could include them in Navigator installation once finished
    please email us, my colleague will return instructions
  • Yes, of course. I'll be happy if I can help a little bit. If it is no problem I'd like to correct the tts.xml file as well (Hungarian texts).
  • thanks, you will get email on Monday

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