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  • Open Navigator on Pixel 6a running Android 13. Open OpenStreet-based map. Map displays properly. Swipe back to Route Info menu, then go back to map. Map is completely black. Must restart Navigator to get map to display properly again. Same issue if opening Navigator, clicking on Navigate button to open map, then close map, then open map. Occasionally, I can close and reopen map and have it display correctly the second time, but often the second time is all black. Ver 7.2.23 arm64-v8a
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  • Issue exists when not connected to Internet. When connected, map displays properly over repeated closing and opening.
  • Six months later, and the problem still exists.

    Navigator is very annoying to use offline.  I get only one chance to view the map.  If I open the map and then need to select a saved route or POI, I of course have to go to a different Navigator screen.   I then must exit Navigator and re-open it to be able to see the map again.

    Imagine doing that while driving or quickly needing to set up a routing.

    Can this be resolved soon?
  • I had the same problem with tunnel rush and upgraded to the new version.

  • I always have the latest beta version of Navigator, presently 7.3.24 arm64-v8a.

    The problem has persisted over several Navigator updates.  Note that my initial post was with version 7.2.23 arm64-v8a.
  • Actually the devs seem to be very busy with other projects.

    I have the latest MFN betas running on 2 different android phones and no problems at all. What You can do is checking Your maps for errors, there is an appropriate option in the settings.

    Are You running MFN from internal or external memory (SD Card)?
  • Ran the map data integrity check. All files check good.

    I'm running MFN from internal memory. Pixel 6a has no SD card slot.

    Since first view when offline is always good, and first and subsequent views when online are always good, I suspect a bug with offline handling/rendering of maps. I am using OSM maps with POI files generated using diggerQT.
  • In this case I would first temporarily kick the self generated POIs and then check if the problem still exists.

    Next thing I would do is to kick all maps and download them completely new. Some time ago the division of the maps was changed what caused trouble with rendering on both of my androids because not correctly deleted old maps interfered with the new ones.

  • I removed all of the diggerQT-generated files and the downloaded country files.  I then downloaded the OSM maps for Belgium and the Netherlands.  Black map screen on second view still exists, so there is apparently some other issue going on here.
  • I also notice that even when online, when I open the map view, the screen is first momentarily black and then the map appears.

    Perhaps what is happening offline is that the software never goes from the momentary black to displaying the map.  Something about being offline blocks that second step.
  • Navigator performance has now deteriorated to the point that even when online the second viewing of the map results in a completely black map. I constantly have to close and restart the app to use it.

    To make matters worse, starting the app when offline results in the app spending a lot of time 'checking purchases' before the main screen appears. Apparently, the app does not recognize that the phone is offline and then gets stuck on the checking until a timeout occurs.

    Perhaps the failure to properly recognize the offline condition is also part of the problem with the black screen issue.

    Very frustrating!
  • black screen on Android 13 has been reported and we hope to resolve it soon

    licence check is done by Google and should work offline as well - how wee have no idea, Google will not reveal such info

  • Thanks, Tomas!
  • Hello,same problem here, Pixel 6 with Android14beta. After a frustrating tour yesterday with black map, following the navigation instructions blind for hours, even after rerouting, I played around with the settings today. Changing the map rendering from hardware to software seems to solve the problem, though not tested on a longer drive yet.


    P.S: good job with the Android auto, works stable now.
  • Unfortunately I have to correct my last post: While map rendering in setting "software" might work on the phone itself, it crashes android auto with that setting. So not usable on Pixel 6 at the moment for me.
    GRJ 79
  • Thanks GRJ79. I joined to say your fix to software render fixed it for me (not using Android auto)

    I'm also pixel 6a. Had to repeatedly close app to get it to work.

    Also - the bot question for joining the forum. Ten plus two divided by six. It's 10.333333333333...
  • Map rendering problems (Black Screen) only in hardware mode.  If I use the hardware mode to render the map and leave the map to set the route or make any other settings, when I return to the map it shows me a black screen... This does not happen in the software rendering mode either. In software mode, however, the map display quality is poor, and in no case does the 3D version work.... I'm using Google Pixel 7 Pro and I don't know if the problem comes from the app or the device. I will report this problem to google as well and I will also post their answer here.
  • And how do i get v. 7.3.42 in order to be already fixed for me also?
  • I just changed from a very basic NOKIA G20 to Google Pixel 6a and was very frustrated to find MFN with this black screen problem!
    The update saved my day, thank you!
    Does automatic update still work when installing the apk manually?
  • "Does automatic update still work when installing the apk manually?" - Yes. The Google Play Updates will work also when u installed apks before.

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