Water surface of Lago Maggiore / Italy missing ...
  • Hi folks,

    Someone pulled the plug of Lago Maggiore / Italy, the blue watersurface of the lake is being missed in the latest Italy maps. I rubbed my eyes, and yes, my second android phone is showing the same issue. Also, the rendering of the tiles around the lake is taking remarkably more time as on other parts of Europe.

    I ran the test for damaged maps on both phones, it shows no issues, MFN is running in internal memory.
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  • Same on maps for PC version - "Piedmont (Italy)" dated April, 7.
    "Italy - Piemont" dated September 22., 2021, was ok.

    Regards ...
  • It must have been raining in Italy - on PC I can see the blue surface of Lago Maggiore. Italy Updates should be available for Android devices soon, I guess.

    Thanks for working on that.

    Regards ...
  • Definitely not. Even since the latest update Lago Maggiore is still pure desert on android. Must be real pain to correct this *grzgrmbl
  • Lago Maggioreis visible on maps released last month
  • Err, definitly no on both androids S5 and S9+. My maps are the latest, early access is also checked. Version of italy maps is 44-202205210 with no update available.

    By the way, other european maps already are version 44-202206090 ...
  • Issue has now been solved.

    I took a glimpse to 'delete maps' and discovered Italy/Piemont  being there all alone, no other Italy maps. Deleted this and suddenly it began to rain, haha. The remaining Piemont map obviously interfered with the latest map update. Italy/Piemont is now running fine again on both android phones and rendering around Lago Maggiore behaves as usual.

    So, let's go for a swim and special thx to tomas for a perfect support via email.

    BTW, tomorrow morning we will start to our Czech bike tour to Novy Bor, with the Bikerhoehlen involved. I'm sure we will have a lot of fun.

    Best regards from Germany,

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