Test of version 7.3.x for Android
  • -new POI categories
    -bug fixes

    Available via download link 
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  • 7.3.16
    - bug fixes and improvements related to Android Auto, My Routes and NMEA import

  • Hmmm, the latest two updates replaced my custom albumstyle file with the default one. Bringing it back by restoring it with the internal option from an earlier backup doesn't work.

    So I had to do it manually by deleting all album style files including .style, .temp and default in the root folder, copy it back twice from a recent backup and renaming them appropriately...
  • 7.3.17
    Custom album.style once again replaced *grzgrmbl
  • 7.3.18
    - Android Auto Coolwalk support
    - bug related to driver's view out of center fixed
  • 7.3.17 Samsung Galaxy S21FE running Android 13
    Where do I find the maps & installation files for MFN?
  • Not at all when having installed to internal memory, it is a restriction by deaf dumb and blind Gooooogle. If You want to access the MFN directories push the installation to an inserted SD Card. There is an option in MFN's settings - and don't forget to backup Your data first.
  • Unfortunately my phone doesn't have a SD card. Thanks for the advice though.
  • Is it possible to show the compass on the car screen when using Android Auto?
  • SD-Card? Is this then a FAT32 SD card? Some smartphones do not support the exFAT filesystem, which makes it useless. I formatted my SD card as internal storage and therefore never had access to it. And also, if somebody doesn't have an SD card.Google doesn't recognize that the settings are user-generated content, and the Google backup is useless because 90% of my apps don't work with it. The only alternative is TWRP. However, MFN doesn't have a user data folder in an unprotected documents folder. Why not? The GPS tracks, settings, and routing points belong to me.

    Text was improved by ChatGPT, it seems this KI isnt perfect yet :)
  • My cards of both phones were just put in and formatted in the phone as external memory. With the internal option of MFN You can move Your installation to SD card and then see all files including having access to, be it with the phone itself or via PC. You now have the option to change what You want and then push the installation back to internal memory again if this is Your preferred place for MFN to run from.

    That's also a workaround for users who run MFN in internal memory, because the latest updates obviously overwrite album.style files in which custom color shemes are stored. A very annyoing issue because simply restoring it from an earlier backup with the built in option does not work.
  • Is there any way to replace the speed camera warning sounds to something a little more subtle?
  • Find out what sample rate and bit depth the originals wavs have and replace them with any other wav with the same sample rate and bit depth.

    Attention: wavs must be exactly 1 second long, otherwise You will get some strange sounding noise!
  • Thanks again. How do I check the originals as I can't access the installation & map files?
  • Push the whole installation to a inserted SD card, MFN has an explicit function for this. You then will have access to the appropriate wav files to copy them to a PC for a check with mediainfo, that's my preferred approach.
  • Thanks but my phone doesn't have a SD card slot.
  • Uh, I can't merely believe. Which modell is it?
  • Samsung Galaxy S21FE
  • Ok, then You could use an usb C stick or any other usb device via OTG adapter instead of an SD Card. Push MFN to the stick, make Your changes and then move MFN back to internal memory. Didn't try this approach yet, but it should work.
  • Thanks for your advice. I'll get an adapter & give it a go. I'll let you know how I get on.
  • I think there's no other option left ....
  • Got an adapter. Phone sees it as usb storage but I can't find the function in MFN.
  • Settings - card manager - scroll down all the way, last option
  • I'm also actually trying to swap the warning sounds but can't get my custom files working *grzgrmbl, see new thread
  • No card manager option in my MFN settings. Also, phone file manager recognises usb stick & can read & write files to/from it. Phone settings doesn't show usb stick in storage.
  • I don't know if on IOS version of MFN, but on Android there IS an option in the settings under card or map manager, don't know the exact english translation, in german it's called Kartenmanager. In this menu scroll all the way down to the last option, that's it. For sure, defenitely, 100 %!
  • I've seen the option to move an app to external memory in one of my android phones - but I don't have MFN installed on that. In my android emulator on PC I don't have external memory - and in MFN at settings => map manager there is no option to move the app anywhere. Not grayed out - completely invisible.
    As I guess an external data storage connencted via USB will not be allowed to install apps upon, the mobile (and also MFN) does not see any storage to move MFN to.
    And for that this option might be invisible as on my emulated android device.

    In those f*cking modern devices without SD slot you are completely locked in - nothing allowed but what g**gle wants you to do *mad*

    Regards ...
  • I don't think that the whole app is pushed to external memory with the built-in option but the user data. Anyway, the main thing is having access to.

    I recently have the problem that every update overwrites my custom color sheme of the maps with MFN running in internal memory on one of my android devices. As a workaround due to WTF Google restrictions I push MFN to the inserted SD card, swap album style files and finally push it back to internal memory again.

    As far as the internal restoring option does not work concerning map custom color shemes this approach is working fine for my needs and I really would like to know if this would also work with a USB device.
  • I have no problem moving Navigator to USB stick
    it could be some Android settings?
  • My android devices are all equipped with Sd card slots, I had no experience with sticks so far, so thanks for the very useful info. I think USB options are depending on the OS MFN is running with.
  • Seems to be so. I have no option to move to SD card in map manager. As stated above I think it's because there is no SD card slot. Tomas, are you connecting your USB stick to an Android device using an adapter?
  • yes, adapter came wih my Samsung phone
  • Thank you Tomas. I'll try again & check the phone settings.
  • I've noticed when using MFN & Android Auto that after choosing a route from the three suggested all routes remain highlighted on the car screen even though it guides you on your chosen route. It also happens if you miss a turn & it recalculates the route. The original route remains highlighted. It can be confusing, especially at the start & end of the route. This doesn't happen when using only the phone screen.

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