Mapfactor keeps crashing after start.
  • Hello and sorry for my poor english. I need help, my mapfactor free (latest android version)  keeps crashing after start. It is trying to read maps and crash.
    I am on custom android 11 rom. I have tried to reinstall it, delete all maps and folders from phone storage, change storage to sd card, but still the same. I tried few older versions with the same result. On my old custom rom it was working fine. I have checked log and google the error, but without success.
    Here is my log file. Thanks for every help.

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  • please send logs, you can find them in folder android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/log

  • You can find my log on the link in my first post.
    Anyway here you have last few lines with error:

    DMP 22/08/07 13:17:04  NAVIGATOR start
    DMP 22/08/07 13:17:04  License update start
    DMP 22/08/07 13:17:04  ------------------[ COMPOSER DUMP BEGIN ]------------------
    DMP 22/08/07 13:17:04  -------------------[ COMPOSER DUMP END ]-------------------
    DMP 22/08/07 13:17:04  License update no extra POI
    DMP 22/08/07 13:17:04  License device not passed
    DMP 22/08/07 13:17:04  License update end
    ERR 22/08/07 13:17:04  Exception thrown: C:/jenkins/workspace/ANDROID_NAVIGATOR_ALL/mpfc/navigatorapi/src/Core.cpp (289)
    ERR 22/08/07 13:17:04  Description: mapFactor exception: can't read path to DBS configuration from IDC
  • try to delete file atlas.idc and then start Navigator
  • I have tried, but it crashed again. And after crash file atlas.idc was created again.
  • close Navigator and Clear data in Android settings > application manager > Navigator > Storage - then reboot your phone.

    folder android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/storage

  • Nothing helps, my friend.
    As I wrote before, I already tried reinstalling it many times, tried older versions, but still with the same result.
    All other apps are working fine, so I really have no idea, where could be problem...
  • I did not advice to reinstall
  • I know you did not advice it, but I tried it before I wrote to this forum.
  • Two posts above Tomas adviced your to clear data and cache (and take a backup first). You do not write if you already tried that.
    You only go on about how many times you reinstalled Navigator.
    Try the "clear data" first

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