Reorganising saved routes (Android 8.1, MFN 7.2.23)
  • Hi,

    I couldn't find anything in the forum about this, so: am I the only one with this problem?

    Over the years I have saved a large number of routes, so some years ago I organised them into (many) directories/folders; never any problem with adding new routes and dragging them where I wanted..

    Just now I managed to restore a backup with all those routes to my MFN installation and wanted to add a new route to those already there.

    I effectively failed because (as always) the newly saved route appeared at the very bottom of the list, and....

    Every attempt to move it way up to its intended directory failed because after dragging two or three lines, the route "jumped from my fingertip" and vanished into the wrong directory.

    There it appeared at the bottom of the list, from where I had to drag it up two lines/one line/three lines/... until eventually I reached the "up one level" top line and I had to start again.

    Annoying! For the time being, I gave up.

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  • drag it by icon and not text
  • @tomas
    Thanks - helpful hint, which reduces the problem; what remains is the fact that I have rather large fingers and find it quite hard to hit only the smallish "line with dots" (especially because it lies right next to the rounded edge of my S9), but still this is quite an improvement for me.

    P.S. It would of course still be helpful if, as stated by @MacDony , the functionality for handling Favourites would also be available for routes.

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