Inserting Icon with TCP/IP, Receiving Coordinates via TCP/IP, Removing OSM Welcome Screen
  • Hy,
    first of all: I am from Austria, so I'm sorry for any mistakes I might make.

    Navigator 11 is a great piece of software and it's even better because there is a free version of it.

    Now I am writing on a programm for a CarPC and want to use Navigator 11 as the navigation system. Therefor I need to communicate via TCP/IP. But I have 3 questions:

    1) I tried to insert an icon to the map with the TCP/IP command but it said it won't work with my license. Is this because I am using Navigator 11 FREE and will it disappear if I buy the commercial version?

    2) Is it possible to submit coordinates to Navigator 11 FREE via TCP/IP? So I do not use a GPS receiver, but say something like "$set_position:*coordinates*"?

    3) I am really aware of alle the effort and hard work that has gone into OSM and I looking forward to improve the cards in my area and whereever else I may be going as soon as my project is finished. But as soon as I open Navigator 11 FREE, there appears a message describing what OSM is and what it does and so on. No problem with that, but as the message (as the main menu) seems to be opened on a "layer above the map" (I don't know how to describe it in another way) I am not able to include it into my surface properly. But to work with it I need to move it around and include it. If I click the button on the "OSM message" before including it, everything works great! But if I forget to do it, Navigator disappears instead of being included (just disappears, no error message and so on; process is stopped) or appears behind the OSM message when moving it around.
    So: Is there a way to remove the OSM message at the start?

    Thanks and have a nice weekend,
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  • Hello Bernie,
    ad 1) "dynamic icons" over TCP/IP are limited by the license. You would need special key. See comments in

    ad 2) You can submit coordinates to navigator - do you mean as a source of GPS position? If yes, try command

    ad 3) At the moment there is no way how to disable the welcome dialog. In commercial version this dialog is missing. A long time ago we discussed that for special keys this dialog could be skipped (something like "do not show again"), but this feature is not implemented yet.
  • Hy Martin,

    thank you for your response.


    for 2): I have tried to use $gps_receiving=start and it changes something one the surface and it says it's waiting for a valid gps position, but I don't know how to give him the GPS Position...?

    And for the other two things: I think I have to buy Navigator then ;) This was my plan anyway as soon as I've finished my project.



  • After you send command $gps_receiving=start you can send directly GPS data in NMEA format (i.e. $GPGGA, $GPRMC, ...) which you can get from most GPS devices.

  • Hy, i got it to work so far, but I am still having the problem with the "OSM welcome message". As soon as I move the Navigator window via TCP/IP the map does move but the OSM message does not. I am able to use Navigator, but I cannot access the menu since the button only appears as soon as I clicked "OK" in the message.

    Is there a way to at least make the message "move with" the Navigator window?



  • Hi,
    could you use command line parameters for initial positioning your window?
    An alternative is to use commercial version (maps) without this message dialog.
  • I've tried the command, but I have to move it while running as the screen can change anytime.

    I have already thought about buying it, but the budget for my project is very limited. But I will think about it after finishing and try to find another solution until then.

    Thank you anyway.

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