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  • Hi there

    I have multiple GPX files I want to import into MFN, but I don't know how to do it. I can't find any instructions on how to do it. Does anyone have a stp-by-step guide? 

    I've just installed the latest version or MFN (version 7.2.23) from Google Play and I've purchased a premium license.
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  • click a GPX file and select Navigator
  • Thanks for the answer. 
    Is it not possible to save the GPX files in a folder that MFN imports at startup? I've a cloud based system with automated update of selected POI categies and it would be very nice, if I could save the GPX files in a folder  
  • I did not say anything about any folder
    not sure where you get this from
  • You are right, you did not say anything about folders. I was just hoping it was possible to save GPX files in a folder, that MFN will read during startup. 
  • that was possible until Google restricted access
  • hmm, strange. I've have created a MCA test file with Digger (version 12.1.5) and the test.mca could be read by MFN when I start MFN app on my phone. I could, of cource, convert my GPX files til MSC ditto, but the I need a command line tool to convert them. And maybe, som information on how to do it :-)
  • if you hae access to copy .mca to../data folder, then you can copy gpx files ../gpx folder
  • if you hae access to copy .mca to../data folder, then you can copy gpx files ../gpx folder
  • I'm using "FolderSync Pro" to copy files from my cloud to the MFN folder and if I copy a test.MCA file to the ../data folder, MFN seems to import automatic, but I can't get it to work with GPX files.

    Is it possible to batch convert multiple ICO and GPX files into multilpe MCA files with a command line tool?  
  • gpx folder does not exist until you import one

    I don't think batch is possible, but I will ask developers
  • Sorry, I did create a GPX folder. I should have told you that

    I would be glad. if you could har a talk with the developers 
  • please send logs from settings/advanced
  • When I open a gpx file with navigator it imports the data as route waypoints not POIs.  The latest version of Android is a real pain. It was much easier to put an mca file in the right directory.
  • you can import .mca files in settings/map manager

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