How to change the opacity percentage of "Navigation Highlight" [solved]
  • Hi all,
    How to change the opacity percentage of "Navigation Highlight" ?
    On my E-Ink screen the route is barely visible because it is almost transparent.
    I would like to set the opacity to 100% so that it is like the Navigation arrow.
    Even if you have to modify in a file which file.....
    Thanks for your help.
    A photo of the screen in simulation:
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  • Hi,
    It is not possible ?
    However my "Navigation Highlight" is black in the settings ... and the navigation arrow in red.
    If I put my "Navigation Highlight" in red, it doesn't change anything :(
    Please help me :D
  • In the Preferences.dmp file I should have the color values.
    But I only find the color of the navigation arrow:
    int GPS_arrow_color -65536
    And for alternative routes, I find that this line:
    int / MAP / routealt0color -16776961
    When I should have 2 or 3 ...
    An idea .... ?
  • At this moment you can't change the opacity. All those colors for navigation and the like are hexadecimal numbers with 6 digits, like ffaa3e, for RGB. 00-FF for 0-255 in decimal.
    Normally you need 8 digits to be able to set opacity, like ccffaa3e, where the first 2 digits (cc) can vary from 00 to ff (255).
    For many colors in the map you can set this, but not for these colors.
    I guess you have to do a feature request.
  • Hi hvdwolf,
    This topic is in feature request.
    How can I request this option for opacity ?!
    many thanks.
  • As I remember the alpha channel value was hardcoded in Navigator code
  • Hi Lubos,
    However we can change the colors, so the color value should be in the preferences file, right?
    Thanks for your help.
  • Hi all,
    Version 6.0.148
    Many thanxs for opacity 


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