[Solved] Mute/unmute button in navigation "popup" panel
  • Feature Request:
    When navigating and pressing the screen you get the configurable panel popping up from the bottom. I like that very much (and still think a lot of users don't know that one yet).

    What I dearly miss is a "mute/unmute" option. Some functions I never, ever use. A mute/unmute function would be really nice for a couple of reasons.
    1. Either your departure or destination itself is well known. I don't need/want instructions in those first/last 10 minutes/kilometers especially in a well-known city where you get them every 10-30 seconds at every street corner.
    2. Sometimes I simply don't want instructions as the screen is clear enough (highways/outside cities) and I'm listening to my "all time favourite song" and I don't want a "stupid" (at that time) instruction.
    3. I mostly listen to the radio. When there is news or traffic info (RDS-TA), I want to listen and not be interrupted ("take the exit in 3 km"). Of course: in certain situations the instruction is more important, but that is exactly why I want it to be switchable.

    Currently you need to mute/unmute from the settings screen. That is too time consuming (traffic info) and during driving too unsafe to fiddle that long in that settings.
    Simply tapping the screen and tap the mute/unmute button would be a highly appreciated function in those cases.
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  • Hi,
    This function already exists on version 3.1.120
    you have to make a long press on the screen for this menu to appear.
  • although I am not going to use it think this could be a nice feature.
  • "the configurable panel popping up"?
    Is it really configurable?
  • We are experts in hiding features

    @hvdwolf - There is a menu when you do a long click on the map and during navigation in this menu is mute/unmute button.

    @MB76 - When the popup panel is visible you can long click on the item and then you can select item which should be there.
  • @Lubos was faster than me :)
  • @lubos: Best hint ever (for me) Thanks ;)
  • @lubos and @MacDony: Thank you. What a great day this is! I learned something new, again. :)
    (or forgot something over time: is it my age?)
  • any more hidden hints? these here are already great.
  • And now I'm disappointed. The mute sound only works one instruction, and then sound is back.
    Version 4.0.53
  • No bug version 3.1.120
  • As I understood it is problem only when BT SCO is used. I hope I fixed it in the version 4.0.54+ (I did not have enough devices to test it well enough).
  • It is not BT SCO only. I use the "Default" setting on my car head unit, and the "Use custom volume" on my phone. On both devices the mute command only works for one command.

    I delayed this answer as I waited for the 4.0.54 in the play store but it has not arrived yet.
    So I could not test yet, but I wanted to give the feedback that it is not only BT SCO.
  • @lubos

    Indeed, you are expert in hiding features.
    Well... I'm kind of geek so I have no issue digging into xml and the likes.
    Nevertheless, I think that this "mute/unmute" should be made more accessible or make it more known for new comers.

    Not everyone find its way to this forum.

    Not a complain but a feedback to make your great product more accessible to the mass.
  • We have too many functions in Navigator and putting it all on the screen would make it like cockpit of Boeing. Hiding features is good, it makes it easy to use the app.
  • It took some time before I got the 4.0.56 but I can report that the mute/unmute sound works fine now.


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