OSM: Please take motorroad into account for pedestrian and bicycle routing (was "remove trunk from")
  • Hi,

    I recently tried to follow a pedestrian route and got stuck at the point when I was told to enter the highway (autobahn) which is tagged as trunk in the OSM data. Trunks are motorway like roads, so in most cases it should not be possible/allowed to enter these roads as pedestrian or with the bicycle. For that reason I would propose to remove trunks from the according routings unless pedestrians or bicycles are explicitly tagged (foot != no, bicycle != no).

    I compared other routing machines on the OSM sites: GraphHopper seems to exclude trunks (don´t know if they take "foot" and "bicycle" into account) whereas Mapzen does the same as Mapfactor – the routing uses trunks as well which should be wrong in most cases.

    Is threre anything which would contradict the proposed change?

    Best regards,
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  • Edit: Mapzen told me that they use the following information:


    I personally doubt that it is correct or at least reasonable and will discuss about it (there on the discussion page and in another forum).

  • Edit 2: I just found that the mentioned ways (see example above) are tagged with "motorroad=yes". This means that only motor vehicles are allowed on these roads (see Wiki). So in fact it seems to be a bug in MapFactor and Mapzen that these roads are used for pedestrian and bicycle routing, independently from the discussion whether or not trunks should be used for them by default.
  • Hi,

    has this been fixed alread? Don´t know whether it´s a bug in the map data or in the algorithm, thus in the application.
  • Just tested the routing with the new map but unfortunately there is no change. So it´s still not clear whether it´s a bug in the map data or in the routing engine. And mainly it´s still annoying to get wrong routes.
  • Still not fixed. It´s quite annoying because I assume that the fix would be a small one. There had been 2 or 3 application updates in the meantime, the latest one came today, but none of them took the chance.

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