can´t close navigator
  • hi, on android 5.1 I am using navigator 3.0 - and it works great.
    BUT there is a problem closing the program. When I choose: exit - and confirm: I want to leave the application - the window closes. But Navigator keeps running in background. What can I do?
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  • After closing Navigator does the Navigator icon remain in the taskbar at the top of your device? If not then Navigator has shutdown. However, the apps section in settings will show it is running as it checks automatically for map updates & a slightly different icon appears in the taskbar to let you know they are available for download.
  • It's probably the same (or similar) situation i've already written about in thread about beta tests. During exit, Android system window claims that Navigator was unexpectedly halted and Navigator icon remains in the taskbar. Nothing has changed since then
  • Hi, Wulf,

    this annoys me as well, but for me there was a simply solution: I use an alternative Launcher (Apex); here a long press on the Navigator icon gives me direct access to „App Info”, where I can stop Navigator completely.
  • Do you have automatic map update activated?
  • Yes - I've got "automatic map update checking" on. I'll try to set it off
  • I have the same problem with Navigator 3.0.112, but only when the phone is online.  When i disable both - wifi and data connectnion I can close application without problems. Couldn´t it be caused by the advert part?
  • I think so, this can be the problem with advertises. I've got premium features bought and it seems that during closing, MFN tries to display something (new blank screen appears for the moment) and then it crashes. Before i've bought premium features, that was the moment when advertises were displayed

    Changing "automatic map update checking" to off state doesn't help - situation is the same.
  • @Honet
    please try v3.0.115
    available on Google Play
  • Version 3.0.115 has the same problem
  • I'm seeing the same issue with Navigator 3.0.114, but just while the phone is connected to the internet.

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